4 Home DIY Projects You Can Do with Wood


Skip the store-bought decorations, and adorn your home with decorative items you made yourself! Contrary to what many people may think, wood is one of the easiest and most common materials to work with when it comes to DIY home projects. However, you should ensure that you familiarize yourself with the right tools to work with. You should also use certified, sustainable, and renewable wood for a pleasant finish. Have you always wanted to work with wood but not sure where to begin? Here are some project ideas.

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  1. Start with a versatile box

You can start with a simple task like creating a versatile box, which can serve so many purposes around your home. You can make your box of any size you prefer and as many as you want. You can also create different sizes to suit different purposes, from keeping small objects like keys and coins at home to a storage source for toys. You can even make wooden craft boxes to hold all the supplies and tools at home. Speaking of tools, if you do not know where you can get them, you can always visit your local mall; most outlets sell boxes complete with basic DIY tools.

  1. Docks for phones and tablets

Although creating docks for your phones and tablets requires just one piece of wood, you will depend a lot on your cutting skills to provide the finish you want. If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry about perfection just yet. Just learn how to get the docks done, and work on your cutting skills and finishings with time. A job like this requires using a chisel to carve out the right groove for your device. Although this may be a beginner-level task for most people, it will give you the experience you need on the tool.

diy valet

I do want to add…I actually received a gift of a wooden iPad/tablet dock one year…Courtesy of my sister-in-law (I think her husband used a jigsaw, or a miter, I think) It’s very classy looking, and only had two main parts that slid together, no glue needed.

You can use this to keep your phone, tablet, keys (via the hook on the corner) in one place, so when you rush out the door in the morning, you know where everything is!

These are all the dimensions.As you can see, the two pieces fit together like puzzle pieces. It is a little intricate and may take some level of skill with a miter saw, but this is a great project to try!

diy wood phone stand_dimensions

  1. Cutting boards

Cutting boards look very easy to make, but you need a few techniques to make it come out just right. The secret here is, most wooden cutting boards require more than only one piece of wood that will be crafted and glued together to finish. Although this might not be the case for all cutting boards, this skill takes quite some time to practice and be perfected. However, there are simple techniques you can use to get good results, for example, you can try to make this DIY charcuterie board.

  1. Wooden picture frames

What better way to showcase your precious memories in your home than with beautiful wooden frames you made yourself? Creating wooden frames is perfect for beginners, as you can quickly complete them using basic hand tools. Therefore, beginners still learning how to use power tools can easily consider this a great entry-level project. All you may require is a simple miter box that will suit a hand saw, which is not expensive and can help you to create accurate joints for your frame. One important tip for every beginner is to start with glass from old frames and build their projects around them.


Well, this is kind of a shorter post, but this is a good head start to get you thinking int he right direction. Do any of these ideas intrigue you, and if so, which?

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