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Just an enthusiastic DIYer, kitty mom, small space gardener and bird lover all rolled into one…

Yep, that’s me, Jennifer, and I’m a gardener. And on some occasions, a crafter. So what inspired this blog, you may be asking. Yes that’s me in that picture to the left with a young pullet. I have always been a hobbyist at heart, in addition to growing a garden I keep backyard chickens too! But first here’s how it all got started.

The Long Story Short…

I’m not clear on what was the impetus, but I think it began circa 2009 when I was outside surveying the backyard. At that time it felt like 80% weeds and 20% grass. And through the warm weather months of the year I was always having to hire someone to mow the backyard. That adds up pretty quick when you think about how fast vegetation grows where I live (we joke sometimes that we have an 7-month vegetation maintenance period.) One time I was standing on one side of the plot and wishing I could start planting something in that spot. Couldn’t this nice patch of grass be turned into something useful?

But it was easier said than done, Getting the shovel to make any headway past 6″ was very daunting. Georgia has a reputation for its famous “red clay” topography. Not only is the soil difficult to work with, it’s laden with all kinds of rocks and roots from God-knows-where. It takes a LOT of work to turn it into something viable for the growing seasons. So I knew there had to be a better way. Plenty of people around me were starting gardens, so there was no reason why I couldn’t either. Container gardening was starting to pick up in popularity, and friends showed me what they were doing and it piqued my interest, so I tried to learn whatever I could, and then experiment.

At first it was a bag of soil here, and a 5-gallon bucket there.. Of course, I had some flops. I made some mistakes, like planting zucchini and a tomato in the same Sterilite tote, I planted them in late July when it was too late in the growing season to be able to develop and mature before it got too hot (another no-no) and I placed my containers in places that would not be advantageous regarding sunlight and rain. And one time I even thought I could grow tomatoes in the living room in front of the window (They didn’t) Maybe you’ve done things like that, too?

That was in the 2010s. My beloved husband passed on in 2018. Although he wasn’t as much of an “outdoorsy” type, his brother was, and passed along some ideas and wisdom for me, for awhile, I just kept at it with my container garden. Making adjustments, trying new things, you know, the deal. Three years later I met the love of my life, who grew up around farming and all kinds of horticultural endeavors, and in the first few months of dating he suggested we transform my backyard into a “food forest” Ergo: A raised bed garden. And I haven’t looked back. Here’s a snapshot of last year’s progress…

elevated beds spring 2023

Short on Space…But Not Creativity?

You may think you don’t have enough room to successfully create a vegetable garden, but neither did I , and turned out, I was wrong! Even if you’re just an apartment dweller, you can do this. You could turn your whole front porch or balcony area into your very own “food forest” like I did, and enjoy the process too. All it takes is a little more ingenuity…making good use of space, planting vertically and making use of hanging planters as well as discovering ordinary objects that can be transformed into planting instruments.

In addition to pots and containers, elevated beds have transformed my backyard from a hot mess of weeds (and “some” grass, to be fair ) to a fully functioning system of producing food. Not to mention I have a skill that I can utilize for the best, and pass along what I’ve discovered to others, like you.

So, at Create With Jennifer, my sincere hope is that you too will learn to create a space that can be equally yours in terms of growing your own produce and fruits, perhaps even save money too, in the process, and have lots of fun doing something worthwhile for yourself and loved ones.

Crafts and Projects Inspired by the Great Outdoors

But wait, there’s more, there’s other things I do in the backyard, too….

If you came to this blog looking for general “crafty” stuff, you may be disappointed. I cannot sew a stitch correctly, (well, a few attempts sorta went ok..) have no interest in crochet or knitting and the “fiber arts”, and I don’t care about stuff like putting scrapbooks together or little doilies. I do have appreciation for those who do excel at these things. But if your craft interests lie in raw materials of nature, like wood scraps, seashells, pieces of glass, clay etc., etc., and transforming them into things to glam up your backyard or garden, I think you will enjoy very much what I’ve got in store here.

This blog has gone through a few changes with the 6 years I have been working it, (you can read more about that here)  I’m happy to say I I think the changes I made were well worth making.

small space gardening veggies

Some Closing Thoughts…

Well, that’s pretty much the long and short of things….It is my sincere hope you will enjoy all the different articles on here and learn something new you didn’t before, and have fun in the process!

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Some of them I will use to feed my needy cats, as well as more supplies for the garden, and our hen brood😁🐱.

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Enjoy your visit!

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