Acrylic Paint for Wood Crafts – The Best and Only Kind You Need!

Acrylic Paint for Wood Crafts – The Best and Only Kind You Need!

So why exactly is acrylic paint best for wood crafts like wall hangings, birdhouses, or accent pieces? Depending on how long you’ve been following my info about paint in general, then you know I’m going to tell you not all of them are the same!

There are 2 distinctive kinds of acrylics, the more professional artist quality kind, and then there is the more “multi-purpose” type that I will be discussing here. What’s so different about these kinds of paints is they are a little thinner and less opaque, ergo, great for crafts, not so much for canvas. 

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Why Acrylic Craft Paint for Wood Based Projects?

Sometimes I get the itch to work with wooden materials; popsicle sticks being one of them and I need a simple kind of paint that’s going to adhere well and provide opportunities to do fun things like stenciling or sponging. It’s a breeze thanks to the easy application of these little 2 oz paints made by Deco-Art. They are made for porous things like wood so there is no need for application of primer.

Deco Art and its ilk all have these main things in common, and that makes their paint superb for wooden crafts.

  • Porosity, quick to grab the surface, and quick drying between coats; and water-resistant when dry.
  • Permanent finish – but you can also apply a clear varnish or sealant to add a layer of protection (as I do for my projects too)
  • They have lower viscosity, allowing for good brush coverage, but also allows for fun, creative applications involving non-brush tools like the use of a roller or sponge.

The Best Paint to Use for Your Wooden Crafts

Deco Art, Americana, Apple Barrel and Folk Art (I think they are all a subsidiary of Plaid, but I digress) carry the best kind of paint for wood crafts for the reasons above and many others – not only are they permanent when dry, flexible enough for different applications, they come in a fabulous assortment of colors – you’ll never have to spend a lot of time mixing shades.

acrylic paint for wood crafts


  • You can also choose from matte, satin (my favorite for a not too dull, not too shiny look) and gloss finishes.
  • There are metallics, neons and pearlescent formulas as well for even more options.
  • They are non-toxic, so if you have crafty kids get them involved too! Although permanent on the surface object , they do wash off easily from skin with soap and water.
  • They’re dirt cheap – so take your pick and have fun!

There is a flip top for easy dispensing into a palette if you use one, but you can always unscrew the cap and go to town! (You may have to do this anyway when the product starts getting low)

Any Negatives to this Craft Paint?

The mixture tends to “settle” or separate over time, so it’s a good idea to shake each bottle well before use.

If these paints age too long, such as the case with getting stored away – they get a really funky odor to them. This has happened to me with half-empty bottles I must have forgotten about as you can see I’ve had tons of them over the years. Something to consider if you’re the type who tends to stockpile art supplies. Now do realize I’m talking about 5 years or more when I said “age too long”.

acrylic paints for wood crafts

Paint for Wooden Crafts: Suggested Fun Uses

  • Balsa wood projects – thus type of wood is almost buttery soft – it really takes paint well.
  • Popsicle/craft stick projects
  • Garden and yard art, e.g birdhouses, accent decor pieces
  • Wall hangings
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Unfinished decorative wood projects – You can find these pre-cut wood pieces in so many different type of designs and styles. Everything from alphabet letters to trinket boxes is yours for the exploring. No sanding necessary!

If your specialty is yard and garden art, consider the Folk Art “Outdoor” variation formulated to hold up to all-weather conditions and resist fading or cracking easily!

best acrylics for wood craftsSome Final Thoughts on Wooden Craft Paint

Although these paints come strictly in 2 oz bottles, I believe you can also get larger quantity sizes in the more basic colors like white, brown, yellow, etc.

It is not necessary to look good but a little light sanding on your wood pieces can really help the paint to bind well.  This article provides a good walk-through of the hows and whys of sanding first if you’re working with unfinished wood.

The company seems to be coming out with new unique styles- For example, “Extreme Glitter” is another new one out which is just like its name…I haven’t tried anything like this yet, but I’ll bet it would be great for ornaments and decor!


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