Say What?? Adult Coloring Books with “Cuss Words” are the Thing Now!

OMG – Adult Coloring Books with “Cuss Words” in Them???

Well, as I live and breathe, one of the current activity trends within a trend right now is adult coloring books with cuss words, yep, you heard that right! The obnoxious and retaliatory things you’d like to tell the most odious people you run across…well now you can color in your insults instead! Whoda thunk it??

adult coloring books with cuss words

How I Discovered Coloring Books with Swear Words (Accidentally)

Apologies in advance as I do try to keep this website family-friendly …but this topic was so much fun I just had to include it. For what it’s worth, I’m discussing it in the context of entertainment and recreation for personal use only.

I was sought out for testing and evaluation purposes sometime last summer, from an artist who had recently launched a few hilarious “curse word” adult coloring books themed around workplace distress. In each of these books, are 20 hilarious black and white illustrations depicting office stress and the things we’d all love to say to the imbeciles out there but know we cannot due to the principles of decorum.

coloring books with swear words     adult coloring books with profanity

A few illustrations didn’t actually have cuss words – just some snarky retorts like the image on the left above. Also there were a few with empty dialogue balloons (right) that you could fill in yourself with your choice phrase.

They all have a good mix of comical drawings mixed in for good measure, things that are relatable like bad hair days and binge drinking, that are sure to elicit thoughts of… finally…an adult coloring book that “gets us” on our worst days!

I almost forgot…go towards the back and there are about 4-5 illustrations that represent positive, uplifting words, done in “classic” coloring-book style with patterns and intricacies. Which I think is a sensible way to cap it all off when you’ve blown off some steam!

There is a fantastic selection of these “sweary” coloring books on Amazon! (If you’re easily offended I suggest you do not proceed!)…otherwise, enjoy!!

Curse Word Adult Coloring Books: For Those Days You Don’t Want to “Make Nice”!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it, I don’t want to take anything away from mandalas, fairies or cute puppy dogs (all great for color therapy in and of themselves) …but there are some days when you might want something that’s got a little bit more edge to it. This may be just the kind of constructive stress relief you have been dreaming about.

“Curse word” adult coloring books have been out since last spring and words or phrases run the gamut from cheeky to would-make-a-sailor-blush. Sometimes the “bad words” are presented in fancy script fonts; there are also a good bit that have more comical situations. The “bad words” are interspersed with abstract patterns and designs with varying elaborateness.

cuss word adult coloring book

Yes, there are also some with adorable animals in them too talking smack!

Boy, I would have killed for something like this when I was , say, 10 years old…(does that “wash your mouth out with soap” line ring a bell?) Guess it’s no surprise that I’d find myself wanting to create my own designs!.

In the spirit of common sense and personal responsibility, I feel an obvious “duh” coming on, but I’ll say it anyway: Adult coloring books with cuss words in them are, as the name implies, for adults only…don’t distribute them to the kiddos please.

Could You Benefit from a Cuss Word Adult Coloring Book?

This might be “just what the doctor ordered” if you relate to any of the following:

  • You find yourself overwhelmed with stress
  • You feel you need an inexpensive fun respite from the daily hassles of modern life like long commutes, obnoxious co-workers, etc.
  • You need a constructive activity that will discourage non-constructive coping behaviors like gambling, compulsive shopping, etc.
  • You enjoy unwinding with coloring books in general.
  • You’ve been told more than once that you need to “watch your mouth”!

Conclusion: Quit Cursing and Start Coloring!

Offensive or not, these things are selling like hotcakes…not just therapeutic tools but they make great gifts too…what more can I say?

Grab some instruments of choice like colored pencils or gel pens or skinny markers. The illustrations are one-sided just like with the other multitudes of books out there and will accommodate different tools.

Now calm the (h,e, double hockey sticks!) down and start coloring!!

Have Fun!!

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  1. These coloring books with the filthy words could certainly find a home with me at times!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, I think I can speak for all of us….The artist of the books I received seemed nice in email conversation…I think s/he could easily sell more of the “office” series 🙂

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