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top birdfeeders for winterIn this post I will be talking about some of the best birdfeeders for the wintertime….Yes, it’s true that birds fly south for the winter. And I live in the Southeast, so that means I need to think about sustenance for my feathered visitors…Some of you, too, may also live in the South where it doesn’t get that cold late in the year…and you still catch sight of these winged beauties here and there. Guess what? They’re looking for food, and it’s more scarce…Now you can do your part!

Here’s a closeup of what to look for and then some additional tips for weather-proofing your feeder, finally we will have my list of the top picks for best winter-proof feeders, so you and your feathered friends can have it made. Plus how to deter those pesky squirrels…

And if you’re in a hurry or just curious, this is my top pick for the best winter feeder…. Its design and construction is ideal for all kinds of avain visitors.

What to Look for in a Winter Feeder for Wild Birds?

The feeders that I have crafted on my own in some of my earlier posts were made with warm weather in mind. They were made to hang anywhere, in open view so weather patterns don’t affect them, well, other than rain and it’s a bugger if it gets inside and all that seed is toast. The pot lid/plate idea does some good in this area, but it’s no match for a heavy downpour ..which we have to watch out for during hurricane season (August-September, usually.)

Where You Hang it Matters…

I always strive to hang feeders under the gutter if possible Regardless of which feeder you set your sights on, that’s a smart move. Stick-on window feeders (if you can find a quality one….) satisfy this very well, as the design keeps the station out of the elements by their very design. Even the best birdfeeder can’t be a good source of food if it’s hanging in the wrong spot.

Some of you may have squirrel problems, which has almost become a meme, Last year I was visiting relatives out of state and one of my first cousins, who is an avid birder too, had a nice collection of feeders out front. I noticed this weird torpedo-shaped object near the left and asked what it was..It’s called a “baffle” and it’s an object you attach to your pole to deter squirrels (and other uninvited nuisance critters.)

squirrel baffle on birdfeeder

I guess it’s called that because it baffles them? Remember, in the winter when food sources are more scarce, there’s competition for what is available, so make use of one of these if those buggers are a problem.  Again, I rarely see squirrels in my backyard but then again I don’t have the kind of trees around that they like to dwell in. Lucky me, I guess!

Features to Look For

Choose one with a nice dome on top. These are great for keeping out the elements. It rarely snows down here where I live (is that a good thing or bad thing?) but if it snows a lot where you live it won’t make for a pleasant experience for the birds if it can collect on the inside.

Another feature that you should look for is drainage holes on the bottom. This is always a good thing to have so if it does rain, you won’t be left with a caked-up mess (ask me how I know,Lol)

If you’re the do-it-yourselfer who loves being close to nature as possible, the classic feeder from a pinecone is ideal for wintertime…you can do this with your kids if you have them, or with a group outing. It’s a fun, simple project with no frills, and you can always re-seed it too!

Stick-On Window Perch

There are even feeders made to mount on glass windows with the aid of suction cups. I always find these designs a letdown and try to come up with more reliable ways of mounting them.If you’ve been disappointed by these in the past but haven’t given up on the idea of watching birds at an easy close-up glance, take heart. This one I found is made differently. Instead of hard acrylic parts fused together with glue, this one is made from shatter-proof polycarbonate.

Window bird perch feeder
Shatterproof polycarbonate makes for a worry-free design

It also comes in two other transparent colors (blue and pruple) and features a lift-out tray which makes refilling easier, and the perch sits at a good angle where the birds don’t have to crane their necks . And it will provide hours of entertainment for indoor cats if you have them, as well as enjoyment and peace of mind for you.

Multi-Port Tube Feeder by GrayBunny

Tube feeders are always a good option. I know the first feeder I bought was one of these long tube styles with multiple perches on each side. The birds always loved it as there was plenty of room for them. I like this one I found – it has a choice of 4 or 6 feeding ports, and it can fit into every nook and cranny. Can’t say there weren’t a few sneaky squirrels trying to steal a tidbit or two (they must be as agile as my cats…).

It is best suited to smaller birds like chickadees, nuthatches and finches. Blue jays and cardinals, not as good (although a few people managed to retrofit the perches so they’d have a little more length – good move there.

Gray Bunny Metal Bird FeedeGray Bunny Metal Bird FeedeSee on Amazon


Only knock on this one is that the perches are a little short – this may or may not be a problem for you depending on what types of birds you see coming around.

Dome Style

You can’t go wrong with the dome style …it’s designed to keep wintry weather and rain at bay with its wide encompassing design. The birds will have nice ample room to enjoy their snack station. It’s also got two compartments for two different types of seeds.

dome style birdfeeder
Has dual compartments for different types of seeds

Solar Light Powered Metal Feeder

This elegant feeder will add a touch of class to your yard especially in the evening hours…When it gets darker earlier during the chilly months, this can be a real boon. The birds will love hanging around and you’ll love watching them.It would make a fantastic gift too! 

Multifunctional Wild Bird Feede With Solar Powered LightMultifunctional Wild Bird Feede With Solar Powered LightSee on Amazon


Multiside Feeder Holds Seeds AND Suet 

If the variety of birds that come around are more diverse, be sure you have all their favorite treats handy! ANd this is the first I’ve seen like this…There’s also a green one as well as red, and the roof swings upward for you to refill it as needed.

multiside wild bird feeder
See on Amazon
Has compartments for suet cakes as well as seed.

The birds may have flown south, but there’s still a few that love to linger. Whose place are they hanging out to seek food? Yours.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to invest in outdoor bird feeders since they can welcome these flying animals around your living space! I have a friend who wants to invest in transforming his outdoor space into something more functional and modern. I should talk to him about finding a store that sells bird feeders someday.

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