Best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners


Christmas gifts for gardenersWelcome to my ultimate list of Christmas gifts for gardeners! Wow, can you believe it’s that time of year again? holiday shopping already…???
It’s exciting to think about, right? Or is it more stressful, when you think about the people in your life and their niche hobbies.The gardener in your life may already have it all…gloves, trowels, rakes, stuff like that. What could you bring him or her that will make their day?
The ideas run the gamut from simple and sweet to funny and useful. You don’t need to try harder, you just need to think outside the box sometimes.
Well with this guide you will never lack for ideas again.Stocking stuffers and gift baskets alike….In this post I will cover gift ideas that are useful, and things that are fun or funny, and things that are unexpected.

I just glossed over this earlier…a series of humorous plant tags, and I had a big laugh over the messages on them so I had to add it to this list! Sometimes when it comes to the tough times, you’ve got to have a sense of humor about you. I know I’d love to get something like these.
A great gift for the jaded gardener…if you can’t see it well some of the messages read:
“Pray for me” “I will survive”
“I give it a week, tops”
“I buried my husband here too” (Eek – change “Husband” to “Cat” and that would be my story)
“Me so thorny” “Not dead yet”
“I don’t remember planting this”

Funny Garden Label Tag MarkersFunny Garden Label Tag MarkersSee on Amazon


What do you think of this mug I found, it is shaped just like a terra cotta flower pot, and includes a stirring spoon shaped like a real shovel? This would be great for the gardener to put their grounds into…you know, the OTHER kind! No doubt they’ll get a kick out of making their hot cup o’ joe or tea with this.

Plant Pot Mug with Shovel SpoonPlant Pot Mug with Shovel SpoonSee on Amazon



Garden Themed Coloring Books

I didn’t know if adult coloring books and pages were still a “thing” now…I remember when this craze was at its pinnacle in the mid-2010s, but apparently they are still popular. And for good reason. Such a great form of relaxation and stress relief. These garden and plant-themed books like these below are two good examples that will be enjoyed for sure.

Pretty floral themed illustrations that will give hours of enjoyment. (I’d use colored pencils – they work the best and won’t bleed through the back of the pages.) And the finished pages can be framed, too.

Adult Coloring : Funny And Inspirational Gardening QuotesAdult Coloring : Funny And Inspirational Gardening QuotesSee on AmazonColor & Frame - In the Garden (Adult Coloring Book)Color & Frame – In the Garden (Adult Coloring Book)See on Amazon


And let’s not forget journaling books, too…This is an activity trend that shows no sign of stopping, and will always stand the test of time. Why? It’s a great way to collect your thoughts, get organized, and track your progress. Garden journals and logbooks such as these below are a fantastic way to record all things going on in the backyard…there’s space to record dates, what you planted, when, and much more.

A very thoughtful gift that will definitely be getting a lot of use if not now, when the growing season starts!

The Gardener's Logbook Planner and JournalThe Gardener’s Logbook Planner and JournalSee on AmazonGarden Journal, 3 Ring Full Page 8.5x11Garden Journal, 3 Ring Full Page 8.5×11See on Amazon



(Hint: We always use and need gloves!)

…No matter what any gardener, rookie or veteran, tells you.

Leather Gardening Gloves -MediumLeather Gardening Gloves -MediumSee on Amazon

I know what you are thinking,  “but don’t most gardeners already have some??” I know I seem to have a hard time finding “the” pair I need, I probably have a hundred. You never know when one of us is going to accidentally run into something thorny, or sticky. I know I have. Some veggie plant vines are spiny and not fun to touch.

My sister-in-law gifted me one holiday with some pretty floral printed ones with green trim. And while they looked nice, fit, and gave me some protection, I always need more than one set. (I’ll go into the shed, in the toolbox and utility room expected to have pair at all three places)

So if you can find some gloves that can handle this even better. And sometimes I’m prone to rashes, as there’s always some kind of unidentified “thing” that’s bristly or whatever.

This pair I found is made of leather, and will stand up to whatever we run into out there in that wild world of planting and cutting.I like that it has a nice floral pattern on the outside  so they don’t look just like standard “work” gloves (similar to those I included in my post for men.)  This shown is size medium but you can check to see additional sizes too.


Well what did you think of this list…Did you find it helpful? Were there things on here that surprised you? Let’s hear your thoughts. And happy shopping too!

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