Best Expandable Garden Hoses


Garden hoses can be tricky to deal with….The best expandable garden hose can save you from a lot of headaches, make your weekly watering chores a lot more enjoyable and your life easier. If there’s anything that irks me it’s the kinks adn knots of a conventional hose, as useful as they may be, it’s frustrating when I have to unwind that bad boy and deal with annoying spots where the flow is cut off due to a kinks in the middle, plus there’s the hassle of rolling them back up when the job is done. Can I get an amen.

That’s where the expanding garden hose comes in…it’s a relatively new inventiona dn concept, in which the hose, in its “dry” state is surprisngly lightweight but when you start the faucet as water flows it grows, if you have kids they’ll get a kick out of watching it inflate. It doubles or triples its size when water is fully flowing, and when you shut off it gradually shrinks back down to its original size, almost liek a wriggly snake. Storage is much easier, too, as long as you allow it to drain properly first.

I got one of these “MagicHoses” and while I liked it at first, it eventually developed a tear. WHo’s got time for that? You have a leak adn lose water, and money too,. SO on to seek and scut for a greet expandable hose that can stand up to more.

The top pick is this J & B Xpandahose. The sprayer nozzle is ergonomically designed so you won’t cramp up during your daily watering chores. It’s also got a latch on one side that you can flip up adn let the water flow for awhile without you having to depress the lever continuously. There are 10 multiple spray patterns, everything from cone to jet stream . You also get a hadnful of helpful accessories with it, brass fittings, storage bag, hanging hook and fittings. It can produce up to 12 bars of pressure it can expand to 3x its original length and fully expand up to 50 feet. And get this…you get a lifetime warranty. Can’t say that about everything therse days right.

For the price, I’d take a look at the Jankska by Mueller, it’s also epandable up to 50 feet, and the sprayer nozzle offers 9 patterns for every type of plant needs. The tough outer shell is encased by a 4 layer latex core giving it reesilience throughtout all your daily or weekly irrigation regimen. It’s also got bonus accessories of a carry bag and brass fittings. It’s also fairly lightweight at three pounds. Most people have bought it and had it for awhile, have mostly good things to say about it.

Another great option is this one by Artistran. It may be a new model as there aren’t that many reviews yet, but everything about it passes the smell test. Let’s see if this continues. Fully operational at 10 bars of pressure, it won’t let you down with 10 sprayer patterns, well designed handle and leak proof fittings made from solid brass that should never rust. It’s also 50 feet in length, a spare few rubber gaskets are included if you ever need to change them out in the future. It has a polyester outer casing adn 4x core layer giving it strength and flexibility but also won’t weight you down either.

Proper Use and Handling of Expandable Hoses

Things to keep in mind:

ALways allow your hose to fully drain out before you store it anywhere. If it is backed up with water it can affect its ability f to function and expand/contrract again.

Use within a moderat temp range. It can tolerate 40s through 80 degree water easily. It should not get too hot and should not be used on cold days wither -not likely people will, but wanted to put it out.

You can sometimes connect them, if you have the proper fittings. Be sure the other hoses are the same size so th threads will ine up.


Updated: 09/07/2023 — 11:34 PM

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