Best Garden Tools for Seniors


A good bench or mat to kneel on is a must. Good cushioning makes it a lot easier wherever you are at in the spot you’re working in….A kneeling bench is a must have for older gardeners as it can take some of the stress off while working. Th best kind of bench I have seen is the one that folds up and collapses for travel and storage and then unfolds for use. It allows for kneeling as well as sitting. A great concept when ever you want to take a much needed break and just enjoy the sunshine for a little while.

I love my gardening sleeves…they are great for those days that the weather is warm and instead of putting on a long sleeve shirt, I put on these sleeves instead. They protect my arms agaist scratches from stray vines nearby, bug bites, and sunburn (of course, I’ll dress up with long pants if I have to – somethimes the mosquitoes are that terrible. ) They have a space for my thumb to protrude from so my fingers can move about freely. When people get older and they have more sensitive skin wearing something like this can help in addiition to gloves.

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Pruning Shear with a Good Grip

Not all shears are created equally, and some have a better design than others….most are designed with a spring in the middle to provude the approopriate amount of tension. Some are not as ergonomic as other models, after awhile it can be tiring to use them.

For older gardners it’s imperative to have a good pair of pruners that have a comfy grip for all the trimming and cutting duties. I found some models that flex well and have secure grips that would be excellent for seniors.

Ergonomic Watering Wand

A telescoping water wand is a great accessory to have in your garden work with its telescoping length making it easier to reach small areas and beds a swell as container collections. If you can find one with a nice grip handle that is comfortable to depress/extend you’re golden. I love mine, I got this one from a yard sale once and that extra three feet of length makes things so much easier.

It’s also important to not get a cramp while watering which is why a handle with silicone//rubber coating is a great feature so you won’t have to keep holding the handle down.

This is my watering wand, check out the nice grip on that handle, this is exactly what you want to look for….

ergonomic water wand

Here are some models that have this feature….

Mobility Moving Carts

A rolling garden cart is a most, I make do with my wheelbarrow but it’s a balancing act depending on what you’re moving around. Having a good study cart that can accomodate loads and not put stress on the user is a real boon. Look for those that have added pockets on the side for other small items like seeds and spades. It will be much easier whenyou start your day and can haul your tools to your spot in one fell swoop.

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