Building a DIY Trellis for Cucumbers


A cucumber trellis is easy and inexpensive to build yourself, as long as your understand the concept and the right kind of structure. And part of that comes with understanding how cucumbers grow.

For awhile I didn’t quite get it, and I thought it would be like building a bean trellis, but keep in mind cucumbers are way bigger and heavier than individual bean pods. This is our standalone cuke bed, we repurposed a small trunk into a small bed and thanks to our combination of good soil and chicken manure, the vines are taking off. But then the vines start to get tangled and I realize I needed to do something about that. But I tried to model it after the bean trellis which wasn’t quite a good way to go.

cucumber trellis diy

You can build a cuke trellis that is rectangular and I have seen that design before, Cucumbers can grow vertically and this is employed by small space gardeners very well. The trellis allows them to slant and move in that direction.

For this model to work well you’ll need to build the frame out of wood and it should have some type of screen in place, some type of wire woven mesh can be attached.

Building an A Frame Trellis

One common model is the A frame trellis. It is a very good way to position the vines so they will grow in the right direction and not get entangled.

To do this I use a group of bamboo poles (total=9), some wire and jute cord.. I did have to take a few measurements, but I spent almost nothing to do this. If you’re short on money this could be a great time saver too.

First I asked a manager at the local Lowes if I could cut down some bamboo poles in the woodsy edging of the store perimeter at the back. You have to do this so people won’t wonder what the heck you’re doing. I brought with me my machete as I was under the impression I’d be cutting down fresh green poles, but as it turned out I got some that had aged and it will come right out of the ground easily.

You just need to collect some that are at least 4-5 feet in length if you can. You can break off bamboo poles if they have aged but be careful. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants out there and is enjoying a popularity surge because of this.  So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

You’ll need to take 2 of them and cross them together near the top, and then use wire to tie them down. Then you will need to create another criss-crossed piece like this that is identical, . These will form the end brace parts of the trellis. Next you’ll need a single pole to join both ends. This can be a two-person job to hold these loose poles together, so recruit a buddy to help.

It can be tricky but be sure to get the apex (space between the crossed side) level, so the top pole will not be crooked,


Next I took 2 more poles and crises crossed them at the back and secured them with more wire and then jute cord, as wire is sharp and I wanted to hide the sharp points. and just looks very rustic. Start be securing the first pole…then the second.

Do the same with the other side…create another criss-crossed bar to go in the front like so,,,third, then fourth.

a frame for cucumbers
You can then add a brace bar near the bottom to stabilize the plant, mount it parallel tot eh bottom. I’ve placed mine about 5″ from the soil level.

It’s very rustic but as you see you have the makings of a cucumber trellis that cost $0 to put together! Good luck and happy growing. 


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