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Is Your No Bake Clay Cracking? Repair Your Projects Like a Boss!

Is Your No Bake Clay Cracking? Here’s How To Fix It! Are you toiling with gusto on a project using air dry clay, only to notice unsightly fractures happening out of nowhere? Your project is still not finished and already that no bake clay is cracking! It’s making you think that the advantage of being […]

Mixed Media Mosaic Ideas: Thinking Outside the Art Box

mixed media mosaic

300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets Get Far Outside the Art Box with these Mixed Media Mosaic Ideas! Hey guys…if you really get into the dimension and depth of mosaic work then you are really going to love these mixed media mosaic ideas!┬áThere is no reason why you can’t combine various materials like […]

Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified


Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified Art goes far beyond drawing and painting….there are a handful of unique methods out there, some belong to antiquity and some are still practiced today. In this glossary I talk about a few of them, some you may have heard of (maybe in an art history class) This list is […]

What Do I Mean By “Traditional” Art?

What is a “Traditional” Art Medium? Exactly that….it is a tried-and-true method or technique that has a long history of use, perhaps by some of the “great masters” and is still embraced wholeheartedly in communities and colleges. Painting, drawing, sculpture are 3 examples of the most common categories of these classical techniques, but they lend […]

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