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How to Avoid Brush Strokes When You Paint…

Do unwanted or redundant brush strokes get you down? How do you prevent this? Just about every new rookie artist has the consternation of unattractive brush strokes that show up in a painting, worse yet when the paint has dried. As I have said previously once the paint has dried there is no re-wetting it, […]

What is a Fugitive Color?

What is a “fugitive” color? and other color questions answered? Simply put, a “fugitive color” is one that is not lightfast. Most acrylics are designed to be permanent and lightfast. One time I had a painting that ended up fading due to sunlight exposure. That does not mean that I had used fugitive colors, though, […]

How Are Acrylics Different From Watercolors

acrylics versus watercolors

How are acrylics different from watercolors? So you have an interest in both paint mediums and are wanting to know about which one is easier, more difficult or if you can possibly blend them together? Well I’m glad you asked as someone who has had extensive use in both. First off I want to get […]