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Digital art is pretty much everything you can create using a computer program. It  includes vector line art, raster/bitmap images and photo manipulation.


The Best Drawing Tablets For Beginners

tooya pro tablet

The Best Drawing Tablets For Beginners Hey budding artists…If you plan on using graphic design software in the long term, there is one tool you may need to really hone your techniques and that is a drawing tablet. Let’s face it, if you are going to go for professional looking work, your mouse can only […]

The Benefits of Using Photoshop CS6

photoshop cs6

The Benefits of Photoshop Version CS6 As with all Adobe Creative Suite releases, fans of the software anticipated many new enhancing and enticing features in CS6. Although it was only recently released, Adobe has developed several new innovations that may have made CS6 a noteworthy upgrade. Perhaps the most touted new feature is Adobe’s advancements […]

How Sandy Skoglund’s Artwork Helped Get My Creative Juices Flowing

so many shoes so little time

Sandy Skoglund’s Artwork and What Makes It So Unique Known for an impressive amount of modern 20th-century installation piece works like “Breathing Glass” “Revenge of the Goldfish” and “Raining Popcorn”, Sandy Skoglund’s artwork: surreal, bizarre, and fascinating, is a place I wish I could dwell in. For the purpose of enlightenment she is the mastermind behind […]

What Is Giclee Printing?

pantone color matching

What is Giclee Printing? I wanted to tackle this subject because it is an important part of the printing industry. And no, giclee printing is not in my repertoire currently; I just understand that it is a top-notch trade and wanted to provide good info on it. Giclee, a form of high quality inkjet printing […]

Best Computer for Graphic Design?

best computer for graphic design

Which Computer is Best For Graphic Design? Recently the topic came up, over Mac vs Windows.It’s the “six million dollar question” of which computer is best if you are going into a specialized industry, like graphic design? For those of you who don’t know me real well yet, I am a user of the latter. […]

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