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Projects and crafts for the yard and garden.

DIY Soda Can Flower Art to Bedazzle Your Backyard

A really cool, and fun idea for recycling those empty soda cans! You know the old adage “April showers bring May flowers”? Well I have got some pretty May flowers for you, made entirely out of aluminum soda cans! I think I’ve done enough windspinners…..Yes, I love them but I need to find a different […]

How to Make a Wind Vane From a Soda Bottle

bottle wind spinners

This soda bottle wind vane tutorial checks off all the boxes – straightforward, fun, and functional! Place this simple whirligig in your backyard garden and watch it catch in the breeze on a sleepy spring afternoon. The weather is very strange these days and I never know what tomorrow will bring. Windy days here are […]

Handmade Wood Bird Cages

I love the look of these lovely handmade wood bird cages I came across not too long ago. Conventionally, if you’re the owner of a parakeet, finches or conures you’ve probably seen that most cages are made from something metal…. If you want to show off that you have great taste in choosing a safe […]