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How to Cheaply Fill a Raised Garden Bed

topsoil bags

Hi all! Welcome back to my continuing saga on building elevated garden beds! I’m now going to talk about how you can fill your raised beds on the cheap. Although there are a lot of advantages to building elevated beds, there’s one downside – and that’s the fact that you are going to have to […]

How I’ve Been Winterizing My Garden Beds

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Let’s talk winterizing your garden beds. Welcome and happy first day of spring peeps! (Did I miss the “Google Doodle”? I didn’t see one for this year…) Gosh, you wouldn’t know it here, as it was 29 degrees(!) when I woke up. Wow…that’s pretty cold for the Southeast this time of year? Sometimes the calendar […]

Why Build a Raised Bed Garden?

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Why build a raised bed garden? Are you thinking about constructing one too? Next to container gardening, it is becoming one of the most popular approaches to design. Rather than spend laborious hours digging in the dirt, they’re spending that time building attractive frameworks for their veggie bounty, and you may be thinking about it, […]