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A project I did recently that I enjoyed, inspiration, anecdotes and other things that made me smile.

Five Creative Uses For Uncooked Rice You Should Try!

creative uses for uncooked rice

Five Creative Uses For Uncooked Rice Well don’t ask me why but I have a surplus of uncooked rice taking up real estate in the refrigerator (I do this a lot with stuff to keep bugs at bay and keeping dry goods cold seems to do it) – but I digress a little. I need […]

Project Spotlight: DIY Positive Affirmation Cards

Got Goals? Make Your Own Little Cards to Affirm Them! I have heard experts say the best way to achieve goals is by framing them in the present tense-rather than saying “Someday I would like to XYZ…” or “In 2 years I want to XYZ.” what you need to start doing is framing them as […]

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