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Book Review: How to Draw Awesome Figures

how to draw awesome figures ebook

How to Draw Awesome Figures This book in my collection “How to Draw Awesome Figures” by Neil Fontaine -is the book you need if your favorite subjects are comic book characters, anime and action figures. I don’t do any of those three all that often, but I find that if you don’t have a firm […]

Book Review: The Art of Flipping Art

art of flipping art book

Did You Know You Can Make Money Flipping Art, Just Like Real Estate? I didn’t! But apparently, it ain’t just houses that can be flipped, or just websites, apparently there’s a hidden market to buy art on the cheap to sell at a real profit, says the author Rick Cheadle in this book I enjoyed […]

My Review of A Real Art Lesson by Delmus G. Phelps

delmus phelps art lesson

“A Real Art Lesson” By Delmus G. Phelps In these e-guides I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and exploring lately, artist Delmus G. Phelps shares the secrets of making classical realism art really sizzle with depth and dimension, and it’s unlike anything I have ever been taught in the college and private art lessons I’ve […]

Brother MFC Inkjet Printer Review

brother mfc inkjet printer

Brother MFC Inkjet Printer Industrial printers are big and can run into the 2K and up price range….plus where the heck do you store them? This compact sized unit here, the Brother MFC inkjet printer, was bought by my husband in 2013; we’re happy to report it’s still going strong. It has the distinction of […]

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