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Classical methods and techniques that include but are not limited to: painting, drawing and sculpture.

Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified


Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified Art goes far beyond drawing and painting….there are a handful of unique methods out there, some belong to antiquity and some are still practiced today. In this glossary I talk about a few of them, some you may have heard of (maybe in an art history class) This list is […]

What Do I Mean By “Traditional” Art?

What is a “Traditional” Art Medium? Exactly that….it is a tried-and-true method or technique that has a long history of use, perhaps by some of the “great masters” and is still embraced wholeheartedly in communities and colleges. Painting, drawing, sculpture are 3 examples of the most common categories of these classical techniques, but they lend […]

Oil vs Acrylic Painting: Which Medium is Best For Your Artistic Arsenal?

oil vs acrylic painting

Oil vs Acrylic Painting: Which medium should you consider? I’m a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist at heart, even though I talk about digital art to a great extent here. These two mediums always made up the lion’s share of my “art-senal” of tools. I enjoyed both and found advantages and disadvantages with each. It is definitely not […]

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