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Stencil Craft Ideas To Take Your Objects From Drab To Fab

stencil craft painting

Deco Art Americana Decor Stencil, Brocade Motif Stencil Craft Ideas You’ll Be Dying to Try Out! Looking for some really cool stencil craft ideas to embellish the ordinary “stuff” in your domicile? Things like Kleenex boxes, wall hangings, and flower pots can have a second life with this classic technique. Stenciling is the perfect artform […]

Mixed Media Mosaic Ideas: Thinking Outside the Art Box

mixed media mosaic

300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets Get Far Outside the Art Box with these Mixed Media Mosaic Ideas! Hey guys…if you really get into the dimension and depth of mosaic work then you are really going to love these mixed media mosaic ideas!┬áThere is no reason why you can’t combine various materials like […]

How to Get Crafty: And What Classifies a “Craft” Anyway?

handmade fillable jar lamp

What exactly constitutes a “craft”? Well there are many techniques:(And this is not an exhaustive list either by the way!) There are a number of classifications that involve one major tool or material such as those listed below: Paper crafts, like origami, scrapbooking Woodcrafting, which could include a burning tool, carving, Balsa wood Yarn, like […]

Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified


Some Little-Known Artisan Techniques Demystified Art goes far beyond drawing and painting….there are a handful of unique methods out there, some belong to antiquity and some are still practiced today. In this glossary I talk about a few of them, some you may have heard of (maybe in an art history class) This list is […]

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