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Instructions for fun projects and the step by step method of carrying them out.

How to Hang Canvas Art Without Nails (Or Studs or Stress!)

how to hang canvas art without nails

How to Hang Canvas Art Without Nails Howdy artists and art collectors! So you’ve got a painting you’re dying to show off…Perhaps a professional framing job is out of your budget? Or you want to hang it yourself but then you’re having second thoughts about dealing with nails or thumbtacks? Yes at one time, I […]

Creating a Watermark for Images Step by Step

watermarking photographs

Creating a Watermark for Images To Be Displayed Online Creating a watermark for images, whether they’re your own photographs or artwork, is essential if you are planning to sell them, whether on your own website or a web 2.0 platform like iStock. The process is pretty straightforward and I can show you how I do […]

Got Visions? How to Make a Goal Board


How to Make a Goal Board  First off…I’ve heard a number of spiritual seekers talk about the uplifting action of creating a goal board. They’ve got other names, “treasure map”, “vision board” say what you want about how “woo-woo” and cheesy this sounds, but you may find yourself going from “woo-woo” to “woo hoo!” when […]

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