New Design Platform for Poster Sized Projects

Looking to Design a Digital Book Cover, Poster or Flyer? So guys, I”m celebrating 2 things officially cat’s 6th birthday (yep I’m one of those freaky animal weirdos that remembers her cats’ birthdays) and my 100th post…April is my anniversary month too. Woo-hoo! But I digress a little. Not too long ago I was […]

Rustic Windchimes DIY…Nice try but I’m kind of low on beads

Making a rustic wood windchime yard ornament… I always keep my eyes peeled for stray fallen tree branches. Earlier in the year (a storm always seems to bring it on) I went hunting for tree branch limbs that could be used to make stuff. Little skinny ones are all around you,, but it’s the nice […]

Strange cat comes to camp out on my furkids’ cat enclosure

Strange cat comes to camp out on my furkids’ cat enclosure Check out this feline visitor I’ve got that’s discovered my furkids’ catio and is just making himself right at home… He’s a handsome boy no? Truth be told he really likes our cats’ special space but there’s no way he can get in there. […]

How I DIYed This Wind Twister From Straws, Wire and Tape

More Yard Art…Check Out This Wind Twister I Made With Drinking Straws, Wire and Tape Yep I’m coming at you again with another wild and crazy project idea…This was a “spur of the moment” kind of thing. I love yard art, and unfortunately it’s still too early to be thinking about it. The helix-spiral windspinner […]

Check out this DIY valet I got for Christmas

Check out this DIY valet I got for Christmas! It’s true, I have been absent a great deal lately, my recent sabbatical has been for the development of my Etsy shop. But we all had a lovely holiday season; I wanted to take a minute to share this unique easel or valet made by my […]