DIY Bath and Body Products: A Fun Craft That Makes “Scents”!

diy bath and body productsHow You Can DIY Bath and Body Products, Have Fun, Save Money (or Even Earn Some with Your Products!)

Hi all, sometimes I went through phases in which I wanted to take an art break.. Sometimes it could be kind of labor intensive and I just wanted to try my hand at some different techniques.

Handmade bath and body products are the perfect thing to dabble in. I could work with stuff that not only would have a good use, but looked and smelled good too! Let’s face it, unless you have been living under a rock – everyone nowadays is “stressed out” and if there’s one thing that’s booming right now it’s trips to the spa.

But for some people going to a day spa is out of our budget…but there is no reason to put aside an occasion or two to pamper yourself. Can I get an “amen” out there?

Getting Started with Beauty Product Crafts

Not sure how to get started, I bought a few of those kits from Hobby Lobby, you know the kind, it has everything in there….this one had the whole nine yards.. salts to make bath salts, herbal mix-in’s, sachets, raffia ties, color dyes, fizzy bath bomb mixtures and molds to create bath fizzy bombs. I also got a soap-making kit too since I had always wanted to try my hand at handmade soap as well.

Learn How to Craft Spa Quality Products For Fun and Profit!

Many days of fun ensued after that. I made stuff and some of it I made full use of, some I gave to friends for special occasions, and some of it I may even have sold on Ebay or Etsy (this was probably 2013 – not the same shop I have today)

What Handmade Beauty Products Are the Most Popular?

So if you want to follow in my footsteps, you’re going to want to explore what’s hot for the obvious reasons. So which kinds of products should you focus on?

Well, in a nutshell, you can’t go wrong if you stick to these biggies: handmade soap, bath fizzies, bath salt granules, and lip gloss. Overwhelmingly, these get the highest votes. (More on each of these in a moment.)

And if you happen to have teen or tween-aged girls, you’ll no doubt want to enlist them in your creative endeavors, because who knows more about what’s popular?

Essential Ingredients For Handmade Bath and Body Products

Kits like those I used are great, but will only get you going in the right direction. Unless they contain products that are made to be reused more than once (like the fizzy molds) You’re going to need to replenish your supply of products used to make said bath and beauty items.

Not surprisingly, many of these items are easy to locate in many familiar venues. You’ll want to be able to locate the basics easily so you don’t come up short.

Recently I got my hands on an e-guide dedicated to the art of handmade beauty products….The Handcrafter’s Companion by Jane Church.Β it walked me through ingredients, techniques, methods, and products. It may surprise you how many of these ingredients are simple, natural, and don’t cost a fortune!

handmade bath and body products

If you’re in a quandary about locating suppliers, it’s all here. You don’t have to have a degree in botany or something to make great natural, organic beauty products.

The most essential of them all (no pun intended) perhaps, is essential oils, the sine qua non of handmade bath products. They are used to give them their fragrance, which is something you don’t want to leave out or skimp on. How many times were you first drawn to something you came across at a store or display because it smelled so good?

That’s the power of aromatics and you’ll want to employ it well when you set out making these fun items!

Handmade Soap

Even as a newbie I was quite pleased with how my first time making soap turned out. I used glycerin bricks, the bread and butter of soap per-se, and plastic molds. I had some color dyes with which to inject. I did make the traditional rectangle brick shape, but what was even better was the less conventional shapes.

One in particular I enjoyed was a round mold in which I made citrus fruit shapes. I had an instruction sheet to go by and made orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit (which takes a combo of orange and yellow dye).It was easier to just do than explain. I also had scent extracts so the citrus slice soap would smell just like its real life counterpart too πŸ™‚

diy bath and body products

Soap allows unlimited creativity!

For a while I kept my own soaps in a jar on display so I could look at them….they were too pretty to use. They made great gifts too! I would wrap them in colorful saran wrap and affix a cute sticker to secure it for presentation purposes.

One thing I really liked doing was hiding a cute token inside the middle of the soap for added fun! I highly recommend you get started on learning to make soap. You will love it!

Lip Gloss

Learn how to make lip gloss and you just might become the coolest crafter in town! Disclaimer: This is one thing I have never attempted to do on my own yet. But it should definitely be at the top of your list as it is ragingly popular!

Making your own lip gloss starts with the main ingredient – beeswax – and then there are flavorings (duh! it has to have a great flavor right?) and colors that can be added. And if you want to bling it up a little, so much the better.

Bath Fizzies and Salts

Bath fizzies may also be known as “bath bombs” and these are really hot right now. Like their name implies, they do fizz when dropped into the water. This happens because of the addition of citric acid, which is one ingredient you’re going to want to get your hands on to make them. You would also need a mold, or varying molds, to make different sizes and shapes.

handmade bath products

Add additional ingredients like fragrances and colors too before shaping them; when they set up they should not crumble upon light handling. Colorful, great smelling bath soak awaits…Bombs away!

Bath salts are another great pampering idea and are made in granule form. They dissolve into your bathwater and make it nice and fragrant. One such item for the mixture is epsom salts, which you may be familiar with. Epsom salts are widely renowned for their health promoting, relaxing properties.

diy natural beauty products

There are many unique combinations of flavors, scents and colors for bath salts. If you can put something like epsom salt plus a few choice ingredients into a jar or bowl and shake/stir them up, you’ve got handmade bath salts in the making!

The most fun part was packing them…I would look for the cutest shaped jars or bottles with which to display the bath crystals and add a little bead and bling embellishment around the neck too.

Here’s a couple of my own creations….Sorry I wish I had more but I’m afraid I gave the soap and fizzies away and sold them πŸ™‚

handmade diy bath crystals

Essential and Aromatic Oils

On their own, they come in so many different scents and aromas and if you’ve got a knack for them you will probably do very well coming up with good combinations that will be enjoyable. It just makes “scents” to make your products the best smelling they can be as well as relaxing!

Can You Sell Your Handmade Bath Products?

You betcha! If you have a passion for crafting soap, salts, or fizzies, this is something you may want to consider! As I said earlier, the spa industry took off out of a need for relaxation and reprieve.

It could be the ultimate win-win for you if you could turn your passion for beauty products into profit. If this is you, I may have some great news. I recently got my hands on a great e-guide that teaches you exactly how to proceed in this direction.

The author includes helpful tips and things you do not want to leave out, like ingredient safety information (as some people may have allergic reactions to certian things you definetely want to be briefed about precautions)

diy natural beauty productsEnjoy and Have Fun DIY- ing Natural Beauty Products!

What better way to host a social occasion that the use of your own handmade beauty products? Most of your friends no doubt will be like “count me in”! After all, a full day or evening of group pampering is hard to pass up. Have all the tools and supplies at the ready for your group to make your own and test them out on each other.

If you have teen or tween kids this is one idea that is sure to be a hit. Don’t forget to include them too!

Once you experience this you will certainly want to schedule another spa party again in the near future as well.

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