Making A DIY Folding Privacy Screen: Dress Up Your Living Space On the Cheap!

diy folding privacy screenDIY Folding Privacy Screen – Dress Up Your Living Area With a Timeless Classic!

Lately I’ve had another cool new project going on….I’ve crafted a diy folding privacy screen out of ordinary materials and art supplies (yep that’s where I have been lately) and in this post i am going to share my method with you so you can have a really dope looking piece of decor for your home that is also practical too!

Separate or create a focal point in your living room, or just use it to hide that pile of stuff you’ve been meaning to go through 🙂

One day this idea just came out of nowhere when I thought about putting together a decorative looking privacy screen – the kind you can collapse and open up to divide or partition a room (and you know I don’t care about those boring old white folding office screens. I had to do it my way 🙂

Now I am going to show you how I did mine so you can make one yourself for your home or office too!

I used art canvases to put this baby together…yep you heard right, canvases! After all, what better object to work with, since they are already framed and stretched?

diy folding privacy screen

You could certainly follow this example too, in this case I used six canvases in all, each one measuring 22″ by 28″.

Attaching the canvas pairs was a little tricky, but I had an ace up my sleeve and used some metal brackets which worked great at keeping them from bowing out. But then I had an even better idea – I found 3 skinny wood bars and nailed them down on the canvases’ frame backs. I have seen art in galleries in which the canvases are like really big; they have these supplementing stretcher bars in the middle for added support so I borrowed my idea from that observation.

That legwork above could have been avoided by the use of panoramic length canvases turned vertically (which I didn’t have, unfortunately!) …I think the closest size that is already pre-stretched would be 24″ by 48″.

(Disclaimer: I am not an experienced carpenter per-se- all this info comes from what I know about canvases – their strength and adaptability overall)

You can certainly build your own folding privacy screen with three or four panels if you want as three and four are what I have normally seen up-close.

Things You’re Gonna Need For Your DIY Folding Privacy Screen

  • At least four metal door hinges (six if you are wanting a four panel screen)
  • Small metal braces
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Equal amounts of panel frames – two longer and two shorter for each panel
  • Fabric to be used for the frames – it should have at least 2″ of overhang to wrap around and secure to the frames

The length and width of the panels is entirely up to you; just make sure that each panel will have the exact same dimensions!

How To Make a Folding Privacy Screen!

You are more than welcome to make your panels from scratch if you prefer – my canvas approach is just one of the means to get there 🙂 The type of fabric as well is up to you, some types will stretch more; you want a good type that will give you a little slack but not end up being flimsy. Linen and canvas by the yard are good choices. You may also want to consider a pretty pattern that strikes your fancy as well.

Creating the panels from scratch will be a lot like stretching a canvas – it will require special tools; a staple gun will be a big assist here in tacking down the edges of each side securely. To make the wood framework ideally you need pieces of wood that are about 1″ thick and 2″ wide.

1. Since I’m giving you permission to “borrow” my idea here, if you want to follow in my footsteps with art canvases, now is the time to go to town with them and paint those suckers! Go nuts – Since I love orange shades, that’s what I did with mine – I wanted them to look just like the two-panel sofa painting I used in my previous post: How To Hang a Canvas Without Nails. 

My cat who was sitting on the other side, kept pawing at the inside as I spread on that paint; sounded like he wanted to help too?  Take your time and paint something you can be proud of and will complement your home decor.

I worked on the floor; you’ll need a flat surface, or use a couple of workhorses, to make sure your panels are going to be even with each other. You will be attaching door hinges from panel to panel. The hinges also need to be on the inside/back of the frames.

2. Using a tape measure make a mark on one side of the frame and be sure there will be about of space between this panel and the second one next to it, so there will be adequate room for the panels to open and fold easily. I have about 1″ between my panels. (You may need to measure twice before making a mark with a pencil to be sure to get the right amount -the good old measure twice cut once rule)

folding privacy screen diy

Most door hinge parts will include small screws. I got the holes started with a small drill bit and then inserted the screws.

3. Repeat this process with another set of door hinges further down on the panels – One set of hinges should be near the top (about 5 or 6 inches give or take) and the next set can have 5-6″ from the bottom; the hinges do not need to be close together.

4. Now you are going to “rinse and repeat” with the next panel, and any subsequent panels. It’s going to be more of a matter of making sure you will have all the hinges in the right places and that they will easily open and close with a certain amount of slack.

Congrats, you did it! A beautiful DIY folding privacy screen that you made yourself that is one of a kind. You can use it to draw attention to part of a room, a conversation piece, or heck, it would make a nice backdrop for something like your video channel if you have one.

There’s always a way to put a decorative screen like this to use…my cats as you can see here like using it as a hideaway.






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