DIY Handmade Hummingbird Feeder


DIYing a handmade hummingbird feeder – Hacks and Ideas…I made one from an upcycled juice jar.  Hope you’re enjoying your summer…here’s a new diy hummingbird feeder idea that just came out of nowhere after wanting to change something I had and make it better. And sharing others I’ve found.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…Before I made my original feeder right here I had a plan.

In the spring when the gardening season is happening, there’s always a glut of those plastic bird feeders at the big retailers. I bought one of those “el cheapo” hummer feeders you see in the garden section. I did this so I could have a prototype to base my design on.

After all, it’s pretty different from the way good old seed filled bird feeders are designed. I’ve got one of those too…

♥After all, to get things right sometimes you need a model to go by ♥

Since I was already on a roll and in “project mode” why not kill two birds with one stone? (Hehehe I am talking about bird feeders here) after my work was done I moved on to a similar undertaking.

I wanted to make ANOTHER hummingbird feeder after the coke bottle one…this time using a cute little apple juice jar.

I was looking at my prototype, the “el cheapo” feeder I got from Roses, or some place like that and got this idea. I didn’t like the plastic thingy that held the nectar and wanted to re-purpose it into something prettier. All I needed to do was find a jar to replace the boring plastic one that would fit the base it came with.

I hate plastic as far as yard art goes, but I just really needed the base. There were no jars around that would fit this base (and I went through everything) So here is what yours truly did recently.

1. I cut the “neck” of the plastic compartment off. I located one really cute jar…it originally held apple juice, like a single serving of it and I kept the jars because well they were so cute.

I thought it was a great size too since the problem with sugar nectar is that it gets dark in color and is no good and has to be replaced in a few days. – so small fits the bill.

diy hummingbird feeder

2. I used e6000 adhesive to secure the neck of the cute apple juice jar to the neck of the plastic bottle remaining. (it’s not the kind of plastic that contains polyethylene) I left it alone to set.

3. I did my usual sugar/water routine and assembled the two parts together, base and cute jar.

4. I used craft wire to make a nice hanging attachment.- 12 gauge-it did need to be thick enough to be sturdy. I also used the little metal dealy that came with the cheapo feeder too.

5. Voila-there you have it. Lemons into lemonade and now I have TWO awesome feeders as a result!

Ain’t upcycling old junk objects just the greatest? If something doesn’t work one way…You have free reign to try a new one!

Now HERE’S a great upcycle if there ever was one….This guy makes a passel of these feeders when hummers are in greater abundance…from empty soy sauce bottles….

hummer feeder from soy sauce bottle

Video credit: pocket83


Hope you enjoy!

Have fun….

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