DIY Necklace Display Holder: Keep Those Pretty Adornments Neat With This Cool How-To!

diy necklace display holderMake This DIY Necklace Display Holder and De-Clutter Your Jewelry Collection Starting Now!

Messy tangled chains got you down? There’s nothing worse that trying to get them untwisted which led to my creation of a diy necklace display holder that solves that entanglement for sure!

I don’t mean to sound like a show-off, but I do have lots of jewelry hanging around. However I don’t like to have all different types of jewelry together as it starts looking clumped, when you factor in how differently earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are made.

Necklaces and chains are one thing I have to take special care with because of their length which is how I ended up creating my very own handmade necklace display piece that keeps them all in easy reach!

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How To Make Your Own Necklace Holder

The first thing you need to have on hand is the piece from which they will all hang, read: something wooden. I used a piece of board that is about a foot in length and an inch and a half thick; a lucky scrapper indeed; all it needed was a little sandpapering on the ends.

The second most important thing is what the necklaces and chains will be hanging on and that is going to have to be something like hooks. I made the mistake way back with my very first diy necklace rack and used nails. Not a good move because chains can slip off too easily with straight nails!

Small hooks such as those you see used to hold things like keys, kitchen utensils, coffee cups, that’s the kind of ballpark you need to be in.

necklace display diy

You can also use dresser knobs, especially if you have some rather flamboyant necklaces such as those with chunky beads or something. Now I can’t take the credit totally for that one; it is from a little extra research I did beforehand. Depending on your personal taste , dresser knobs come in some very unique shapes and styles.

Step One: When you have both of the materials above, you’ll need to determine a few things. Do you have a lot of necklaces or just a few? Depending on how many you will need to gauge how many places on your board and mark it accordingly. You’ll want to have a little space between them as well; at least a half-inch of space between each designated spot for a hook or knob.

handmade necklace display

Step Two: Use a marker, preferably a permanent one in a lighter color, to mark off the spots. Most likely you may want to paint your diy necklace rack eventually so the marker ink won’t show but a lighter color is best. You may also want to use a ruler too to make sure the row will be neat and straight.

You can certainly have two rows on your holder if you want; just repeat the steps above to do so!

Step Three: If you have a craft drill the use of a small bit can be used to get the holes started with which to insert the hooks. At the time I may have used push-pins which will work fine with softer wood. This will make it easier to insert and twist around the hooks securely.

If you want to use dresser knobs you will have to use a drill since the threads last time I looked are usually the size of a small screw or bolt.

Step Four: Attach the hooks, or knobs, accordingly, making sure to keep your board piece flat to your workspace, facing up.

diy necklace rack

Step Five: Depending on where you plan on hanging your finished diy necklace display holder, you’ll also need to have something on the back so that it too can hang securely. For best results and so the whole thing will be very stable, the far left and right corners on the back are where you need to attach the hanger piece of choice.

I used a couple of eyehooks, just like the kind you see in hanging paintings and artwork. I did the same procedure as that of the hooks in front.

handmade necklace displayStep Six: Thread through the eyehooks (or whatever you’ve chosen that’s similar) a good strong material such as cord or wire. This is 12 gauge aluminum crafting wire you see here that i have used and works like a charm.

You can bring the ends together into an apex like a triangle or just take each end and wrap around like I did here. I wanted to mount the holder right below the bathroom cabinet to conserve space and it worked great!

When I had a second look it appears that I used eyehooks on both the top and back of my holder….I guess I really wanted it to hold well or it must have bowed out a little at first? If the piece of wood you are using is a little less thick, like an inch or half-inch, I think you’ll do fine installing the eyehooks right at the top corners.

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This concludes my necklace display diy tutorial! Of course, I would not end this without a suggestion to apply paint or stain to your final product. You can use a brand like DecoArt who makes some of the best acrylic paints to use for wooden crafts not to mention numerous colors.

If you’re more the “rustic” type you could stain it instead. I painted mine a pretty spring green, my favorite color next to orange and did a little craft stencil with some “bling” (people still use that word now?) to add a finishing touch to it.

Way to go, crafters! Maybe let your finished project set up a few days before using it too. You now have made a one of a kind diy necklace display holder; being able to see at a glance all your pretty necklaces and chains and pick out the one you need hassle-free will be one of the highlights of your day!

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