Front Bed Mystery Fruit – I Have Reached a Verdict


So do you remember me talking about this mysterious crop plant in my front yard garden bed? Well to recap, I thought they were okra, but this app I downloaded on a trial basis read them as watermelons. That was exciting….I didn’t think something like that could flourish in that space, but….

So the mystery plant in m y front yard bed is not actually watermelons….

I didn’t realize it at the time, because…

They were many of them….all over the place. Probably about 50-80 of these little softball-sized fruits. Since melons get so big, I think the laws of Darwninism would only allow a small handful to gt big so as not to cosume all the plant’s energy.

After a few weeks, they stayed the size of softballs…

I started to check it out more. I harvested a small handful of them…

And then I finally decided to cut one of them open. And this was the result. 

It’s not watermelon, it’s not squash…

I knew it wasn’t squash, because squash has a totally opaque center. This is semi transparent. Which indicates lots of water. What other crop plant has a high water content? Cucumbers!!

Then I sliced a piece off and tasted it. 

Yep, it checked out…

These are cucumbers. (Albeit bland, and the seeds are kind of crunchy, too) which was my most abundant crop this year. (and now we’ve got even more…)

I guess I’m a little disappointed, as I was kinda, sorta hoping I’d get to see my first watermelon on the vine

But that’s the fun of gardening…not being able to identify something and finding something you least expect,

Also – ditch the apps! They’re not always accurate.You’re welcome.

Updated: 08/16/2023 — 11:54 PM

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