Picture Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery! If you right click on an image you can see a larger image of it Enjoy and your thoughts, questions and comments are always welcome.

Fan Art

Famous people and celebs…

Debbie Harry (Blondie) 2004
Sven-Ole Thorsen (Actor) 2004
Frankie Muniz -2005
Aaron Carter Fan Art
Aaron Carter
Tom Brady
Conan the Barbarian Movie Poster

Projects – 2000-2010

Wall hangings, sculpture, etc.

sculpey clay projects fleur de lis
sculpey wall hanging

Backyard Garden Photos

From this past spring and summer…

Garden-June 2022
Garden -July 2022
Goldfish Micro-Pond

Outdoor cat run -June 2017
seedlings in egg cartons
Sprouting seeds – 2 weeks in
bean plant sprouting
Bean sprout – 3 weeks in

And Lastly…My Furbabies!

I figured I would showcase my little guys here. After all, wasn’t it Leonardo daVinci that said “Every feline is a little masterpiece”

“Leo” (friend’s cat)
John’s roommate’s little calico

Psst….Would you like YOUR work to be included here?

Have you done something you’re proud of? Would you like to have it displayed for all the world to see (well, the part of the world that visits here anyway!) Don’t be a stranger – I’d be honored to feature your work! You can use the Contact form or email. – hello@createwithjennifer. Please put “Feature my work” in the subject line, thanks!!

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