Gardening Gifts for Kids (That’ll Get Them Away From Screens)


gardening gifts for kidsIf you have a young aspirant gardener in the family, what a great way to nurture that hobby, that through a special gift. These will be such fun and enriching activities, and better yet, it will get them away from screens and tablets. ( Or at least a healthy amount of time away…) and doing things nature intended! These are all products that would be ideal for Christmas, birthdays, or spring holidays like Easter (hint,hint…growing season)

Not to mention great for get-together, sleepovers and activities for school and church as well! Better yet they’ll cultivate ((pun intended!) a really awesome hobby. These will be excellent to gift to your own kids, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, and friends’ kids too who have developed an interest in the art of growing stuff.

This butterfly growing kit is something I’ve seen in many places and everyone seems to rave about it…They can have a blast raising little caterpillars into adulthood and seem a close up of all the stages from the pupae to the real butterfly Inside you’ll find a voucher to send off to receive your actual live caterpillars.

For starters, I love this stepping stone kit I found. Mosaic art is always in line with the garden aesthetic and the box contains everything children need to create their own decorative garden art, inducing paints and brushes.  As a result they’ll have 3 pretty different shaped stones to line up the walkway she or he can be proud of!

 Paint Your Own Stepping Stones KitPaint Your Own Stepping Stones KitSee on Amazon


Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Another big hit with kids (as well as people our age) is the terrarium . This kit let’s them create and nurture their very own live plants inside a beautifully designed container . It includes colored sand which is added in layers and a soil puck that goes into that part.

In conjunction with STEM and STEAM programs, I suggest you take a look at this “Magic beans” growing kit. The bean seeds all have writing on them that will show as they sprout which in itself which delight them and keep them motivated. There is a growing container, stickers to decorate the pot, and even a booklet for making a little journal about it which is great for developing self–discipline as it relates to gardening.

Creativity for Kids Pizza Garden KitCreativity for Kids Pizza Garden KitSee on Amazon


The maker of this kit also has two other variations, one a sunflower and another a “Pizza garden” (above shown) which contains the seeds and an enclosed container for them (tomatoes, basil and peppers) They too, have cute record books for making notes and drawings on their garden journey.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Fairy Garden Growing Kits for Kids-Must See!

I know I would be remiss if I overlooked one of the hottest gardening trends – growing miniature fairy gardens!  The whimsical  assemblage of figurines and ornaments in a micro-setting is something kids of all ages will enjoy and want to partake in. And with so many themes and ideas out there, it’s hard to settle on one – which is where specialized kits come into play.

The best of these are very interactive all the way to the individual parts…Taking the highly popular unicorn into the scene (what young girl doesn’t love unicorns these days?) Included are a growing dish, thre figurines (for your kiddos to paint) soil discs, decorative crystals, paints and even better, LED lights for nighttime display. 

Catcrafter Fairy Garden Craft Kit for Kids - Unicorn Grow Light Terrarium KitCatcrafter Fairy Garden Craft Kit for Kids – Unicorn Grow Light Terrarium KitSee on Amazon


Makes me wish I could be 10 again, lol 🙂 In a nutshell the soil discs are moistened in water until they expand and then the seeds can be planted, and your kids get to decorate the scene with crystals, magical figurines and to top it off, the mini fairy lights. So there’s the triple threat of painting, planting, and growing.  The seeds themselves looked familiar – yes, these are actually wheatgrass seeds that I plant for my kitties to enjoy.

So if you have cats too, you may want to plant something else as your furry friends will mess this up. That’s the only knock I have on this otherwise great kit.  Afterward the planter can be reused with real soil. I have dealt with soil discs in the past and wasn’t that impressed. Still highly recommend 🙂

Best for ages 5 and up

Thanks for letting me share these garden findings for the kiddos. Which of these did YOU like the most?

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