Growing Wheatgrass Indoors as a Juice Boost (Or Cat Snack)


Are you familiar with wheatgrass and growing it indoors as well as outside. Wheatgrass is a great supplement to smoothies and shakes for all you nutrition buffs out there. You can use it in place of spinach or kale. It’s also got a lot of nutrition in it for domestic animals. I feed wheatgrass seeds to my backyard hens (as well as other things) and I grow the grass for my cats to graze on.

I figured out after I ran out of their beloved oat grass seeds that wheatgrass was the next best treat for them.

We started out planting it outside in these boxes, it got about 6-7″ in height. It has died off now but my oldest cat who goes outside regularly and my younger cat who goes out some times enjoyed munching on it. It grows quite expediently depending on the time of the year. If you have been like me and you’ve planted oatgrass for your kitties to nibble on to give them some roughage in their diet, you can definitely grow wheatgrass as the process is very similar.

wheatgrass last year

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Growing Wheatgrass without Soil

You can even grow wheatgrass without soil too! One day my husband wanted to sprout some seeds for the hens to give them a little more supplementation in their diets, so he took the lid off one of our Sterilite totes and saturated it with water probably about a fourth of an inch – not a lot) and spread the seeds into it. Then we set it in my closet for awhile (no grow lights at the time) It sprouted a few inches.

It definitely had a funky smelt to it my closet but the hens liked it. So if you only have a shallow dish and water you could sprout wheatgrass seeds easily.It will be a good idea to soak the seed overnight first.

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growing wheatgrass in containers

Using Potting Mix

But since it’s still winter and I need to create a new batch of grass for my kitties, I’m going to do that now. All you’d need is a small container, some potting mix and the seeds. As far as where to find the seeds? We sourced a few big bags from a local seller on Facebook Marketplace. It’s enough to feed our hens for at least a month, and we have enough left over to grow, too. At the time it was spring/summer so it may be harder to find during the off-growing season. Online may be your best bet. 

You can use a terra cotta pot or something similar. I like to use pots that are not humungous – about 6-7″ in height is good. You could use a coffee container, bottom of a milk jug, whatever you can find. Just be sure not to forget the drainage holes. Fill it with your potting mix most of the way to the top about an inch from the top.

How to Sow

Spread out the seeds generously on the top. It needs to be a thick kind of layer of seeds, not just one here and there. You can lightly mist them with water. Cover it with another layer of soil Pack it slightly. Mist it with water so it is slightly moist but not damp. Now cover it with something (it can be another drainage dish) and keep it in a dark place away from direct sunlight until the seeds begin to sprout.

planting wheatgrass indoors

They may come up a few sprigs at a time but they’ll really take off at some point. I saw the little shoots in 4 days after publishing this. Now remove the cover and allow them to finish growing. You may also notice that it separates into twin blades. At that point you can move them to a sunnier spot. But if it starts drying out you may want to mist it lightly to prevent that.

If you have cats, park it by their food and water dish as a special treat. They will enjoy munching on their little wheatgrass station.They’ll love it, and it may deter them from your houseplants, too!

Growth check…It usually is more dense than this, though, but that height is typical. In the summertime it does get pretty thick.

growing wheatgrass in pots

Harvesting Your Wheatgrass

If you want to use it for your own recipes you can trim off however much you need with scissors.Proceed to rinse off any remaining debris, and add to your juicer. I’ve never tried wheatgrass juice myself, but I might now after this batch sprouts just to see what I think! From time to time, use your misting bottle to spray it so it doesn’t dry out quickly as it can from time to time.

Wheatgrass seeds may re-sow, however the next grow cycle may lack as much nutrition as the first. Eventually it will be a good idea to dig up the top layer or you can do what I do and flip over the compacted soil shape and start a new batch of seeds on the top layer doing everything in the first of this post.

Well, that is the in’s and out’s of growing wheatgrass indoors in pots for your own benefit, or that of your pet(s). Have fun!

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