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handmade birdhouses feedersI LOVE to check out handmade birdhouses and feeders – especially the most unique and intricate ones, which are not always easy to find – BUT then I did some scouring high and low and I was totally surprised at what’s out there!

If you will recall from earlier you know I am always on the lookout for the most unusual birdhouses you can make, but sometimes it can be time-consuming to create them, so if you’re short on time I know where you’re coming from.

Luckily I have got you covered in that department, these five I found are all handcrafted and made from quality materials – all the birds in your backyard will love them, and so will you. Anyway, let’s get on with what I know you’re dying to see – some of the most intriguing birdhouses and feeders I have stumbled across.

All the results of my deep dive. Enjoy!

Ever Seen a Birdhouse You Can Re-Seed?

I know I have a tendency to “save the best for last” but this one I found below, I HAD to show it right away – this is a birdhouse AND feeder! It’s completely one of a kind made from real wood but here’s the clincher; you can cover it with birdseed using a substrate like peanut butter. And when those little buggers have made short work of it, just reseed again with a fresh batch.

Remember as a kid, making one of those simple birdfeeders in which you take a pine cone that you’d smear peanut butter all over, and roll in seeds? I think all us nature lovers have done that one. This feeder is pretty much the same concept.

Handmade Unique Wooden Birdhouse Covered w/ SeedHandmade Unique Wooden Birdhouse Covered w/ SeedSee on Amazon

There are a variety of different styles in addition to this one shown, and the type of birds you can hope to attract will vary depending on your region and the type of seed you use. As a special bonus, it’s got an addition of habanero flakes to repel those pesky squirrels! So, there you have it, eco-friendly, re-seedable, and last of all, VERY giftable.

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Rustic “Fat Cat” House For Small Wild Birds

I really like the rustic look of this one I found that is suited best for small wild birds like chickadees, wrens, etc. First off, it’s shaped like a cat –  and I’m a world class ailurophile, and second it’s made from real wood, which is a must because one time a few years ago I bought a birdhouse at one of those plant nursery places that I thought was cute to use a s a prototype (model to go by) to make my own.

Rustic Wood Cat Belly Hanging House for Small BirdsRustic Wood Cat Belly Hanging House for Small BirdsSee on Amazon

Later I found out it was made from junk particle board – when I discovered the corners of it were peeling apart – bummer! This one will look great anywhere plus it has a hanging cable built in.

This funny fat cat design, as it’s natural, could be painted if you wanted to, but i think it’s cute as is, too.

Handmade Nantucket Cottage Blue Bird House

I thought this one here was so cute; it’s made with authentic-looking New England/Cape Cod styling. Lots of adorable and detailed styling of everything down to the little flowerboxes outside the windows! The entrance is to the side if you can tell by the picture below.

I personally don’t have any Nantucket style decor, but I would definitely hang something like this up on my porch for my avian visitors to roost.

Home Bazaar Hand-made Nantucket Cottage Blue Bird HouseHome Bazaar Hand-made Nantucket Cottage Blue Bird HouseSee on Amazon

A Feeder Made From Glass…

Feast your eyes on this beauty…if you love the look of blown glass, you will appreciate the craft of this lovely birdfeeder made from speckled glass – it’s not only eye catching, it’s hollow on the inside so you can fill it up. No doubt you’ve never seen one like this….it’s very much one of a kind.

Sori Handmade Art Glass Bird Feeder 8.7Sori Handmade Art Glass Bird Feeder 8.7See on Amazon

Wherever you decide to hang it, it is sure to get noticed (just handle it carefully) the sturdy jute rope will take care of the rest. It is 8″ in diameter if you’re checking.

Roosting Places For Birds Made of …Felt!

Think wood is the only good handcrafted birdhouse material? Think again, these two cuties I found are made from wool felt! This cactus and beehive are adorable – what do you think? could you see a family of finches or chickadees making this their newest hotspot??

Global Crafts Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Birdhouse CactusGlobal Crafts Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Birdhouse CactusSee on AmazonDZI Handmade Designs Beehive Felt BirdhouseDZI Handmade Designs Beehive Felt BirdhouseSee on Amazon

This company makes a whole line of felt birdhouses in different styles and shapes. There are lots of different colors, too, in the different styles so if you like these you may want to check out all the others too! As a special note, there is some shredded paper stuffed inside to retain their shape while on its way to you.

….Anyway, these are the top five finalists for the most unique handmade birdhouses and feeders! ??I really enjoyed hunting for these…which of them is YOUR favorite?

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