Handmade Polymer Clay Beads – And How to Make These Beauties


handmade polymer clay beadsHandmade polymer clay beads area beautiful addition to your toolbox – whether you enjoy making jewelry, or creating adornments for bookmarks, scrapbook or what have you. Check out these great finds I came across, or make your own too! (I get into that, too, in this article…)

I’ve been a fan of polymer clay for a long time and the array of colors it comes in will blow your mind!

It’s especially well made for combining and swirling together different patterns – no surprise that one of the most popular uses is for beads.

I remember seeing lots of different patterns for crafting millifiori beads from wrapping different layers of clay into a pattern to create striking colors. There’s other kinds of beads that are just as colorful and they are already hand-crafted, so you can get a jump start on something unique to wear , or decorate your home.

Take a look at the array of beautiful and bold bead assortments I have found that feature lots of dazzling patterns and color combinations. These first two sets here come in a vast array of colors to suit every mood.

Fimo Clay Vivid Color Bead Assortment

The second set includes some nylon string and spacer beads which are a nice, neat way of breaking up your bead pattern and complementing it well. Regardless of which set you choose spacer beads in plain colors like silver, gold or black are a great way to make your bead strands more inter-connected, and minimize gaps between them.

There’s no lack of pretty patterns here either; from floral to geometric, they look amazing!

Colorful Round Clay Bead with Silver SpacersColorful Round Clay Bead with Silver SpacersSee on AmazonAssorted Handmade Colorful Pattern Bead BulkAssorted Handmade Colorful Pattern Bead BulkSee on Amazon

Colorful Pattern Handmade Polymer Clay Beads With Spacers

In addition to basic spheres, add these floral shaped beads in between whatever you’re making and you’ll have a fashion statement in no time at all. These flower shapes come in every different color. When I first saw these round disc-shaped beads I had a first impression of one of those candy necklaces you may have seen – all these multitudes of dreamy colors made me think of “sweet tarts” or Necco wafers.

No joke – they really do look like them😃 . In addition to the multicolor option, you can also choose different colors that are more conservative, a la carte style.

PandaHall Heishi Clay Spacer BeadsPandaHall Heishi Clay Spacer BeadsSee on Amazon


Have You Ever Made Your Own Clay Beads Yet?

I thought these bead sets were the prettiest – which ones did you like the most? And after all is said and done….you should definitely try to make your own clay beads! If you haven’t done so, now is the time. I do, and it’s tons of fun.

I use the Sculpey Transparent (it looks creamy white/ivory out of the package) and I mix some dry pastel chalk dust into it as I knead the clay. Even though this type of clay comes in many different colors, I like the variations that result from this method. The results are SO dope….they almost look like quartz crystal rocks. You can use “pure” white to do this, but the colors will be more opaque (but still nice.)

You absolutely can combine different colors of clay and swirl them together if you prefer, but be sure you choose combos that are harmonious and won’t “muddy up” as you work.

making beads from polymer clay

To pierce the holes, I have a sharp sculpting needle that does the work. Another trick is to  pierce them simultaneously on a bamboo skewer stick, which may be a good idea if you need larger holes to fit them through something like jute cord or raffia.

shaping beads on skewers

Remember you can drill through this kind of clay, so I recommend that you start with small holes before baking and if you need a larger hole for a particular bead you can use a small bit to increase the size. This works well for individual beads but if you’re crafting batches…it’s better to have a skewer like tool…I found a few made by Sculpey (below) which will make this easier.

Another tool that can make batch beading quicker and easier, is a roller tool like the one on the far right..it’s a mold-like tool that forms the beads in three different sizes so they all come out more uniform looking.

Polyform Sculpey Bead Baking RackPolyform Sculpey Bead Baking RackPolyform Sculpey Bead Baking RackAluminum Clay Bead Baking Drying Rack,20 pinsAluminum Clay Bead Baking Drying Rack,20 pinsAluminum Clay Bead Baking Drying Rack,20 pinsKeoker Polymer Clay Bead Roller (Diamond Shape)Keoker Polymer Clay Bead Roller (Diamond Shape)Keoker Polymer Clay Bead Roller (Diamond Shape)

I bake and cure them in my toaster oven for about 15-20 minutes. Walla…. Ready made beads I can tap into at a moment’s notice whenever I need a “special” color bead for a special project.

Enjoy beading, caution: it’s addictive!

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