Handmade Wood Bird Cages


handmade wooden bird cagesI love the look of these lovely handmade wood bird cages I came across not too long ago. Conventionally, if you’re the owner of a parakeet, finches or conures you’ve probably seen that most cages are made from something metal…. If you want to show off that you have great taste in choosing a safe enclosure for your avian friends, look no further than these beauties I have discovered.

Wood is a great material, it’s natural, it will suit your home decor as well as create a happy haven for birds.  They have just as many great features like perches and play spaces as the mass-produced habitat. So naturally, they take longer to craft, and it means that pricewise, they may be more, but you’ve got the look of the purest material for your pet, and after all, what produces this wonderful resource?

That’s right -Trees. So no doubt they will be happy residing or roosting here. After all, if you’ve ever constructed a chicken coop for your beloved poultry, you know already the skill involved. So I hope you will enjoy what I will be sharing here!

These are some nice finds you just won’t find at your local pet shop.

I like this light oak one as it has a conventional and modern design, and useful features such as a slide out tray in the bottom, which is great when you are doing periodic changes as this is a easy way to extricate the waste matter birds leave behind.

Wooden Hand Crafted Bird Cage with Slide Out TrayWooden Hand Crafted Bird Cage with Slide Out TraySee on Amazon

The round depressions on one side are good to place food and water compartments, and it can also be pulled out too, for cleaning. 

Hanging Style Birdcage

If you like the retro look I would suggest you go with this one here, it has quaint looking finishes on it and is constructed from a mahogany cherry-red wood that is reminiscent of furniture from the early 20th century.

Retro Drawer Style Handmade Dark Red Hanging Type CageRetro Drawer Style Handmade Dark Red Hanging Type CageSee on Amazon

It’s also got a pull-out drawer at the bottom. The brass handle is a nice finishing touch.

Large Wooden Handcrafted Bird Habitat

This is a beauty from natural wood, it comes in unfinished as well as brown. It has elegant brass and copper accents, including the side door…

Large Bird Cage From Natural WoodLarge Bird Cage From Natural WoodSee on Amazon

It’s listed at 41 cm, so a little bigger, plenty of room. and the four corners have a classy touch. The top piece is double reinforced so it is always sturdy. A very unique design I’ve never seen anywhere else.

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