Tips, Techniques and Tools for Budding Artisans


First of all let me say a big “h(arty)” hello and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by!!
If you’re new and don’t know where to start-why not just take a little tour? Have a little fun while you are at it. You have come to the right place after all! I will disclose my wisdom and knowledge for your eyes and ears only.

This blog is divided into different art genres as follows:

Exploring the Classical Mediums

In this section I look at the kinds of art techniques that have lasted for centuries. Looking to learn more about painting, drawing, sculpture, and its close cousins like batik and paper-mache. Some techniques that I have not attempted yet; I will be sure to disclose, but I will certainly be sure I provide the most reliable information on the subject.

Newbies start here: What is a Traditional Art Medium?

Computers and Art: Pixel Passion

Do you enjoy working with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator among other platforms for image manipulation or straight out freehand drawing? Everything from drawing in vectors to different techniques is covered here too. 

What do I like the most about digital art? I have no messy supplies for one thing LOL. But don’t think it’s a shortcut – mastering these techniques is every bit as process-oriented as learning to draw in class.

Don’t forget to check out my Portfolio when you get a chance!

Don’t Buy When You Can DIY!

I’m not trying to discourage anyone here from shopping at the “big box” stores, but when it comes to decor items….do you ever find yourself thinking “I could make something about as nice as that; if not more so” That’s when you know you’ve had one of those “DIY moments”. Whether the supplies to make something are cheaper or you just don’t like the look or feel of art that came off some assembly line, take heart! You’ll find lots of great ideas and things to do in this section.

Start here for crafts and do-it-yourself inspiration!

Recommended Tools and Supplies

I will give you the skinny on the types of materials I use to create those and other works of mine. Materials I use on a daily or regular basis to make 3D wall art, sculptures, mixed medias, vector illustrations and more. Not to mention how and where to find good deals on those materials too. I use lots of materials in my repertoire so I am open to requests.

Do you know what it takes to shop for supplies and not end up bewildered at which tool does what? Read my guide here for smart shopping.



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