How to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder

How to hang a hummingbird feeder -do’s and don’t to follow. When spring is on its way, you’re probably excited about seeing those magical jewels of the sky once again. So you’ve got your feeders, whether you bought one or made one yourself – you’ve got their nectar, and then you’re ready to start putting them out depending on your locale. Good on you!

Exactly where and how you hang them makes a difference in seeing a smattering of these beauties or feeling disappointed if the party never gets off the ground. Hummers are in a class by themselves so it’s important to follow certain protocol as far as placing their treat stations.

Starting with the fine points ..the WHERES…

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hanging hummer feeders

Where You Should Hang Your Feeder(s)?

Location, location, location. Make sure you choose a location that is out of direct sunlight. During the hottest parts of the day, bright sunlight, coupled with its warmth can degrade the quality of the nectar. You’ll notice that it starts turning gray-ish or cloudy at which point it’s time for a change. So it needs to be at least a place with semi-shade. The ambiant light dancing off foliage would be great and enough to draw those little buggers in.

A private spot. Find a place that’s a little secluded from other birdfeeders as hummingbrids by nature are very territorial. And they like security, not being afraid of other birds in the vicinity who may pose as a threat.

Appealing vegetation nearby. Do you have flowering ornamentals nearby that are enticing from a hummingbird’s point of view? Such as having showy colors like orange and pink, or a sweet fragrance? In my front yard garden bed a cypress vine grows relentlessly every late summer. It chokes the life out of my nearby plants unless I trim it back with shears a little. as this thing grows like a madman, but its pretty pink star shaped flowers are irresistible from a hummer’s point of view. I see them dancing around and I know this is “the place”.

hummingbird feeder hanging
An ideal spot. Shady, Good canopy of vegetation but plenty of room for them to frolic around.

In my backyard, a honeysuckle bush always blooms every May. I didn’t plant just volunteered. Honeysuckle is considered an invasive plant where i live, but I don’t care as I love the fragrance, and they too attract hummingbirds. Other plants like bee balm, marigolds, and begonias have the same effect.

And any flowering shrub or decoration you’ve got nearby that’s’re golden, as that’s their favorite color!

Best Placements for Feeders

Ideal placements can make a difference. It is also a good idea to have more than one feeder. Hummingbirds may bully each other at one feeder so it’s a good idea to have at least 2 to prevent territory spats. Funny, they’re not that different from my cats when I feed them.

Haning by a Window? This is great for photographic opportunities. Just being able to glance outside the window of your kitchen or office to see these little beauties in flight is such a great source of opportunity. However it’s important that the feeder isn’t too close to the window…There are some feeders that come with sticky suction cups so they won’t crash into the glass.

How high off the ground – the height matters. How high you want to hang your feeder is up to you, but make sure it’s at a level that if you have cats (obvious predators of birds per se) they can’t get to it. Be sure it’s also at a comfortable height that you can remove it to do syrup changes, etc. As a rule of thumb, at least five feet off the ground is good.

Vegetation Matters…

You also may want to choose a location , the amount of foliage is important too. Hanging your feeder from a tree limb (as long as it’s a reasonable height -remember the five feet rule of thumb) be be judicious as far as where, If the foliage is too dense If you’ve noticed hummingbirds in your own life, they tend to hover a lot in mid-air. Give them adequate room to move around.

A spot where the feeder won’t drip. Yes,a no-brainer. Make sure the location is level before you hang it.

Tools for Hanging

You can use s-hooks…a bunch of them linked together can work well. Shepherd crooks (most garden supply places carry these) also work well. They have a bottom brace that you can stick in the ground. Some have double sides so you can hang an ornamental Plant there on the other side.

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Be sure to hang your feeder in a shady spot.

Fishing line is another good tool for hanging purposes. It’s clear yet slippery. It may discourage crawling insects like ants, too. Fishing line comes in different strengths so check to see which one will hold best. you can use a metal sinker to keep the feeder steady in case of nearby winds.

Well this is pretty much all the most important dos and don’ts.  You now know precisely the finer points of how to hang a hummingbird feeder or two, or three, Hope you have many enjoyable occasions to watch those little guys.


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