I’m Back…(With Some New Ideas)

OK…so I have just taken a little breather. I have decided I will be making a comeback! It will just be different. I had to think long and hard about this for a month or two.

Everybody’s life and situation changes….

I know that I wrote earlier that I was feeling unsure about the right direction of this site…

The truth is, I haven’t done much ‘traditional” art in awhile. Most of that kind of work, I did in my teens, 20as and early 30s, but these days….well, it’s a lot of work and I just don’t have the time for it much these days.

Some new ideas for the future of this site….

I may re-create (or republish) some of my older posts. Earlier in 2017-20 I wrote about outdoor yard and garden art, like windspinners and birdfeeders. As I have always had a tremendous love of nature and the outdoors, I want to go back to that again. I miss writing about all that yard art I was making a few years ago!

I might not be writing about painting as much...One exception: fluid painting, which I’ve taken up…It’s messy, but a lot of fun. And you don’t need a ton of talent to carry it out. I highly recommend it and want to try a few more techniques, which I’ll happily share.

New topics of exploration…Gardening – This past spring and summer, the better half and I had been having a ball putting together a raised bed garden in my backyard. This is a picture of it below. This is probably around late June when the growth of everything started to take off. We grew most of these from seed too btw.

This has been a fun and enlightening experience for me, who has limited experience with this sort of thing. The crazy, chaotic times we’re living in today, combined with the uncertainty of things like goods and services, has made me pivot a little outside the blogosphere, at least. Of course, it wasn’t all cookies and cream….where I live the mosquitoes are fierce, and so is the humidity.

So I don’t know if you will enjoy reading on my take on this subject, but I started a picture collection of the garden’s progress, thinking it could be worthwhile to add. Your thoughts of course, are welcomed.

And yes, you can pivot on a blog niche. If your blog is a little older, yes, you can. If it’s new, I wouldn’t. This one is six years old and I feel that the “seven year itch” has been creeping up on my ambitions lately. I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog in the gardening niche, but then I thought, uh, no, it’s a lot tougher now.

Blogging in 2020 and beyond is very different from blogging in 2010. I see plenty of blogs where the author has cooking, crafts and home organization tips all on the same site. Better to till the soil I already have rather than scout for greener pastures (how do you like that garden-related maxim?)

+++++++Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! !! 🎇🎉🎊 May your hopes and dreams come true in the coming year.


Jennifer, John and the furkids (Buddy, Cosmo and Blaze send their well wishes too!)

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