How to Keep Cats out of Garden Beds


Keeping cats out of your garden – is that always a good idea? Does kitty use any of your beds as, say, a litter box and you want to put a stop to it? I know how much we love our cats, so you don’t need to tell me. I will never tell anyone out here to kick your cats out of your garden because after all, when cat are outside they are the ones stalking prey some of which could be a nuisance like mice, rats, moles and shrews.

The extent of which creatures cats go after as far as their role as garden pests, varies, but still that’s one reason we love them, right?

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keeping cats out of garden beds

Give Cats a Space of Their Own

If you’re like me and you’d never begrudge your cat(s) their place in your backyard, one thing =you can do for them is to give them their own space. I built or put together a special outdoor place for my cats to frolic and relax in completely protected from the dangers of outdoor life such as passing cars and people with bad intentions (yes, there are people who will deliberately try to poison strange cats, sad but true.)

That’s been about 5 years ago and since then I have taken my cats’ outdoor pens down run down but have been debating about rebuilding a new one but not sure of a plan , at least not yet. We have been sinking more time into our garden and hen pen lately. You could build platforms for gazing, and possibly add cat friendly plants too to create this kind of oasis. with felines in mind.

space for cats

Whether it’s our own cats or strays from the area, the methods below can prove helpful. It’s a whole other ball game when dealing with strays. There are stray cats all over my neighborhood and even though I don’t see them prowling in my backyard these days, one year they wrecked my small quail entourage which I was not happy about. So I know that stray cats can be problematic. How you deal with cats in your garden will be a matter of whether they are yours or they just belong to the neighborhood.

…Perhaps Their Own Garden?

In the scert spot you want to designate for your cats, sow things that appeal to cats, like catgrass patches. You can aso have herbs like catnip growing there which they are enticed by on their own.

If you’re seeing or spotting kitty using one of your garden beds as a litter box….

If you have a cat or cats that regular go outside have you thought about putting a litter box out there for them? If you have a place away from rain that is sheltered, it isn’t a bad idea. This tutorial is a good way to turn an ordinary box into something cats will enjoy using for privacy and discreetness. If you have a back porch that is covered or shielded from the elements this is an idea scenario. Most likely they will use this and leave your beds alone.

Organic Methods

I want to stress, regardless of how you feel about cats in general, not to do anything inhumane to deter them. I get that not everyone thinks cats are the bees knees…I had one neighbor that turned the hose on my oldest cat when he slipped into her side of the yard. I didn’t like that but she was in the right to say he shouldn’t have been on her side of the yard. So there’s that.

Automated Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems that are automated can deter cats, as cats in general dislike water (with the exception of a few breeds, like the Turkish Van) and the first sign of a sprinkler system that cuts on out of the blue may send them running. 

tomato plants toxic to cats

Citrus Peels

For some reason cats have a dislike of the scent of citrus fruits,, so if you eat or use oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes regularly keep the peels, hang on to them and scatter them in your garden beds.

Other Animals’ Urine

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out for a sec…The scent of other animals’ urine can act as a good deterrent. Did you know you can purchase foreign animal urine t so set out and cats will set your garden as “marked” already and are going to be less likely to use the beds ads a litter box. You could also do this with actual ammonia. Cat urine is very high in ammonia which is the problem it can be toxic and their feces is linked with toxoplasmosis. I have some ammonia made for aquarium cycling .

Put it in some small jars and plant the in the ground. The scent will give felines the impression that this place is already “claimed”.


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