How To Make a Glitter Globe That Will Rival That Of Any Souvenir Shop!

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How To Make a Glitter Globe

Learn how to make a glitter globe; this timeless classic is a great craft idea for all ages and a great take on the original “snow” filled version -which is great if you want something you can enjoy year round no matter what the season.

I’ve enjoyed making these over the years, I was inspired to make mine after a plastic version I got from a souvenir shop started leaking 🙁 I used some easy to obtain objects, and a method to follow sequentially each time.

I also like how these things kind of double as a paperweight too 🙂 A pretty one!

Homemade Glitter Globe Supplies

These are the ingredients you need to create a homemade glitter globe out of an ordinary jar:

glitter globe how to

  • Small jar and lid – wide mouth is always preferable
  • Glycerin
  • Assorted confetti
  • A 1 oz tube of glitter in your color choice
  • Small object of your choosing that will be the “focal point” for the glitter globe
  • Waterproof glue

If you enjoyed the sensory bottle project, this is pretty similar in approach. We are going to be doing a few things differently here though.

Be sure to set aside a week at least to complete this fun project.

how to make a glitter globeHow To Make Your Own Glitter Globe!

1. With a clean empty jar in hand, first things first…using a dab of waterproof glue around the object edges and the spot on the lid, attach the chosen object in the middle of the lid.

Choose something “tapered” so that the jar will fit into the lid with no  overlap. and something you won’t mind – and can stand up to being submerged 24/7.

For my project I am using this pretty glass triangle; its design will work great on all these levels. It’s pretty to look at, will fit easily, and is safe to be submerged.

2. Leave it alone to set up for as long as you need to. Even though I always use a reliable solvent glue, I still make sure my projects have at least 48 hours to “cure up”. Water will be going in there, and this may end up a gift and I want it to hold up right the first time.

glitter globe diy

3. OK…Fill the jar with a little confetti, glitter, what have you. I’m using a combination of both here. A little goes a long way is my glitter philosophy, so I probably used a fourth of a teaspoon if that in my project. I wanted the addition of the metallic confetti to “complement” it a little.

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How much glitter you want to use is up to you ultimately as you don’t have to be as stingy as I am with it…some of it will be suspended in the water but most of it will float to the bottom. My combined glitter/confetti is about a fourth of an inch.

4. Fill the jar with water up to about the rim of the jar (to make a little allowance for the submerged object that will displace it slightly) Add a few drops of glycerin.

You’re probably wondering why I ask you to put in the glitter first before the water….Well, the glitter by its very nature of scattering easily, will clump up at the top if you go water first then glitter, so its best to go glitter first, then water.

how to make your own glitter globe

Glycerin is a product that has its role in medicinal use, but as I understand it’s also used to preserve craft projects. You can probably get it online; I got mine from the drugstore.

A glitter jar I made years ago, I didn’t know about glycerin’s use here, and some of the confetti ended up dying the water pink-no joke.

5. Apply some glue to the rim of the jar and for good measure to the inside of the lid where it will stick with the lid.

6. Now carefully take that sucker and glue it to the jar just like you were removing or replacing the lid. Make sure it will be snug but no need to tighten the daylights out of it as the glue will do most of the work:)

how to make a glitter globe

The finished product

7. Now let it set up to cure again…just like you did with the object/lid. A few days for good measure, play your cards right and this thing will be a real treasure!

You can paint the lid/base part if you want, but it’s not necessary. The lid from my jar was just plain solid black with no writing so I just decided to leave it be.

Glitter Globes Make Great Gifts!

Now you know officially how to make a glitter globe that will stand the test of time! You can tip it over and shake and watch that glitter dance around so it’ll be worth it!

But don’t stop there….Make a glitter globe to give as a gift and brighten someone’s day with something unexpected and unique. This same globe I’m showing you here, just happened to end up in the hands of my cousin for her birthday in November.

She looked really jazzed to get something like this, dontcha think? Yes, this is the same relative that I made the duct tape craft wallet for too!

So there you have it, consider making one to keep and one to give (making 2 side by side will take the same amount of energy) and don’t forget to have fun with your glitter globe jars!

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  1. What beautiful Craft project! Thank You for specifying the details such as which goes first water or glitter 🙂

    • Yeah, the first time I made one of these, I got it backwards 🙂 The glitter collected at teh top and kind of stuck in the glue when it was applying glue to the lid. I live and learn!

  2. I have tried to make this before as a school project and it was a disaster! I was never good with arts and crafts so I gave up completely. But all in all this is an excellent idea.

    • Keep at it Kweni! Most important thing is to only use waterproof glue (I recommend Gorilla Glue or E6000) and set aside adequate time for both the cute object and the lid to cure up. I probably let the triangle set up for 48 hours to be on the safe side before proceeding to the filling it with water and glitter.

  3. I have always wondered how to make my own glitter globe, I love them so much. I am going to see if I can whip up the supplies from our craft area and make these with my trio this week over winter break!

  4. Crystal says:

    My girls love anything with glitter! They’ll love making their own globes full of their favorite souvenirs.

  5. My eight-year-old son would love this craft. We did something similar one year and he just adored it.

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