Modern Log Homes for Today’s Rural Living


If you were one of those kids who played with Lincoln log toy sets growing up (yep, that was me…) then an actual log home set in a rural paradise is going to be like a bit of a dream come true. Extremely reminiscent of frontier living during the early expansion and exploration of the historical U.S., today’s modern log homes are just as much on par with standard housing as they are able to take advantage of the rustic feel of a log home with extra thick insulation, structure, and durability offered by modern times. Better even than that, they can be outfitted with numerous quality of life improvements same as almost any other household, rural or not.

I remember when I was a kid and the elementary school I attended had multiple playgrounds, one of them had a little mock log cabin structure where my friends and I would use it as our “home base” when we played tag. Good times, indeed. Of course, the grown up version has a lot to offer.

Not Your Parent’s TV Log Home

Today’s log homes are also elaborately built, with far more options than just a simple square or rectangular shape. Granted, logs do require a certain approach in regard to how they are put together to make up the walls and structure of a home. However, multi-floors, vaulted interior rooms, side expansions, and more are all possible. In fact, everything from a small second cabin to a full-time use large family home is possible.

Plenty of Room for Options and Features

The interior of these homes tends to be expansive, making it easy to plan and adjust for all types of living. The thickness and solidity of the structure protects and provides natural insulation, a particularly valuable feature for colder climates. Designed with rural rustic living in mind combined with modern amenities, today’s log homes easily reset the standard for rural living. In fact, most visitors and guests will probably be jealous when they compare what’s possible in modern log homes (such as those offered by Frontier Log Homes versus a typical suburban tract home.

modern log home interior
The cozy, inviting interior of a log home, notice the great outdoor view.

Durability Means Decades of Staying Power

Due to the nature of log homes and their fundamental building material, these structures are easily designed to last for decades without serious repair need if proper maintenance is applied consistently. In fact, many log homes in the past have passed down from one generation to the next due to their longevity and ease with which repair and upgrades can be applied. No surprise, many log homes have become family investments, providing for the here and now as well as for the next generation in years to come.

So, if you’re looking for something different from just more suburban home cookie-cutter designs, or you want a serious break to the rural world with a home built to match, you may want to consider a log home seriously. The options available today are extremely varied and can meet the needs of many different interests. Especially now, where remote careers are much more possible, remote living can extremely comfortable in a custom-built log home.


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