Painting Party Kits for Adults


painting party kits for adultsGood painting party kits for adults not only can help shortcut or streamline the process of assembling important supplies for your shindig, but can help you save money too! When art materials are consolidated into one unit you can economize and focus on the bigger picture of planning your event (and of course, having a good time 🙂

Not all art parties have to be elaborate – people are also choosing to incorporate them into girls’ nights in get togethers, birthday parties or date nights. The template designs come in a range of new ideas, like “his and hers” matching sets. You have designs centered around themes like love and romance, flowers, animals, and holidays like Halloween or Christmas.

Also, with the option of pre-drawn canvases available too, you may no longer have to rely on good tracing techniques. Many of them feature fresh, contemporary designs that will appeal to budding artists, without being too “kiddish” or amateurish looking (for lack of a better word.)  So whether you’ve got a group of five or ten and you just want to have a fun night in with your sweetie, or your posse, we’ve got you covered!

Pre-Drawn Canvas Sets for Couples

If you’re looking for a fun new “date night” idea look no further. This would be such a fun bonding activity and you both will come away with a fun and modern representation of each other that you can display later on. Everything is included -there are small palettes, paints, brushes and canvases. Each canvas is a 12 x 16 size which is good. The one on the right is a little smaller.

The colors are vibrant and eye catching too,you may want to be sure to put on an apron -the kit on the left includes them, which is a nice bonus.

Set of 2 Shoes Canvas Paint SetSet of 2 Shoes Canvas Paint SetSee on AmazonKing and Queen 8x10 Paint SetKing and Queen 8×10 Paint SetSee on Amazon

Are you into “tiny paintings”? I love this set I found here with micro sized canvases, with a total of 12, each of them 4″ x 4″, they all have a matching tiny easel for display later on, all of the supplies are included, what fun for all of your guests to come away with their own micro masterpiece.

Mini Canvas Paint Party Kit for AdultsMini Canvas Paint Party Kit for AdultsSee on Amazon

Paint and Sip Canvas Sets

Sometimes it was harder to find kits that included more than one or 2 canvases (the set of two, I presumed, for made for couples) but here was one that had multiple pre sketched canvases. This would be ideal for a small group and the one with the fruit bowl comes in your choice of 2 sizes, either 11 x 14 or 8 x 10.

I like both of these designs as they are easy to follow without prior experience but not too simplistic for an adult paint party. The one with the shoes and handbag does not include other materials like paints. So you would have to rustle those up, however I think it is a good deal as far as kits go.

Bags and Heels Canvas for Painting - Set of 4Bags and Heels Canvas for Painting – Set of 4See on Amazon4 Pack Canvas Painting Set Pre Drawn Still Life4 Pack Canvas Painting Set Pre Drawn Still LifeSee on Amazon

Well these are but a few of some of the most qualified canvas paint party kits I have found! Best of luck with your gathering, and hope yours will be an enjoyable one!

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