Crafts4All Permanent Fabric Marker Set Review and Demo

Permanent Fabric Marker Set from Crafts4All

This month I walked right into a great opportunity to give a permanent fabric marker set an honest evaluation – that’s right, on the house so I could test-drive ’em – Now I haven’t colored on fabric in a long time, but hey, this old dog can learn some new tricks right? Now as someone who has had formal training, I was under the impression that my materials had to be – well, more formal too. Ergo, that i had to give up pastimes like “coloring with markers”. Well the truth is, and I say this a lot: Your tools are only as versatile as you want them to be!

fabric permanent markers   permanent fabric marker set

   What items did I review?

  • Crafts4All Dual Tip Permanent Fabric Marker Set with 12 Colors
  • Minimal Bleed variation set with 20 colors

The first set I received at discount – they came 12 to the box with fine and broad dual tips. The caps are not recessed to indicate which side is the skinny one; it’s indicated on the side. You also have to twist off the capdon’t pull on it. The markers are squarish in shape.

The caps’ tips and ends indicate the markers’ respective colors:
Vivid Red, Orange, Pastel Yellow, Forest Green, Light Violet, Pale Purple, Sky Blue, Brilliant Blue, Grass Green, Black, Chocolate, and Cool Gray.

Main Features

  • The regular set also comes in a 36 color set (2 are black) which includes a cute black bag.
  • Garments are machine washable and fade resistant in water temps of 30C (86F) and below.
  • Non-toxic and kid-safe (>3 years and up) with minimal supervision

My Art Marker Review: Performance

Naturally I was very excited to get started – I don’t have lots of “test” materials around – but one thing I do have is one of those drop cloths – I cut out a little square from it and proceeded to autograph it in both pen thicknesses. There was a little bleed, which is to be expected. Drop cloths are made from a type of canvas fabric which explains why fabric permanent markers are great for heavier material that can withstand the bleed...things like tote bags, oxford white sneakers, and perhaps denim, work great.

So before I knew it, I took it one step further with a genuine artists’ canvas and sketched out this rose. In my video you can see up close – I can’t remember if I used “Pale Purple” or “Light Violet”, as the former was closer to appearing pink, even though this set didn’t have a pink per-se.

Are All Fabric Markers Permanent?

If you intend to wear (and wash) some of your designed garments – you bet your sweet bippie they need to be permanent! The manufacturer recommends cool water temps and gentle detergents to minimize fading. Turning your garment inside out too helps, something I’ve always been sure to do first.

On the subject of drawing on my canvas, yes, permanency is a must. Those “magic markers” we all remember fondly from our youth will not cut the mustard in this regard, because they are all water based – one “oopsie” with a drop of H20 and your work is toast! That is why they should be relegated to paper or poster board, certainly not fabric or “professional” grade work.

Also these markers do not smear, I am happy to report. I may have gotten a little smudge here or there that was inevitable on my hands. And yes, just about all permanent markers for fabric have a distinctive aroma to them, including this set. However you won’t notice it much (Unless you are deliberately inhaling, shame on you) I think my old Sharpies are smellier.

Next Verdict: Crafts4All Non Bleed Fabric Markers

The owner seemed quite congenial, and as a thoughtful gesture I was invited to try out the minimal bleed marker set variation too! Not only are there 20 markers included, but they also come with a cute little storage bag as well. There are some superficial differences to note – the barrel color is white with little “stars” on the end tips.

Some of the colors were the same as those I received in the original set, and others were different so I have no idea if they were selected at random, but it’s quite a gamut. There is always a need for “basic” colors to do the groundwork of your design like black, brown and red (e.g. outlining) which were certainly in the batch.

That’s when I fell into this rhythm and started carrying out, you guessed it…a piece of artwork! In my next video I pretty much “go there”. After all…a canvas is a type of fabric, too, right??

The piece below is a repro of a painting I did once based on a fun magazine ad I fell in love with…Godzilla or some dinosaur has people for pets in a fish tank:)

art markers review garmentCrafts4All Permanent Fabric Marker Set: Conclusion

I am also pleased to mention that the company owner asked if it was OK to share my demo videos on their Facebook page, so of course I was glad to oblige!

And even though I got a little ahead of myself in artwork I did put them to work on a garment of mine that I had designed years ago, but the picture was fading…no time like the present to bring it back to life again.

art markers review

To recap, working with slightly heavier or stiffer fabrics is best; I would not use these for silk, satin, tulle, ribbons, things like that. Although these are professional quality in terns of permanent markers for fabric go, stiffer fabrics allow the ink to “grab” better so if your idea is an intricate one you’ll have an easier time without a lot of slipping and sliding…the garment shown in the left image is a 50/50 cotton-poly blend that many T-shirts are made from. I used a piece of cardboard segued between the front and back for a smooth workflow.

Happy Coloring!! 

Fabric Markers Permanent MINIMAL BLEED 12 Pack fabric pens BY Crafts 4 ALLFabric Markers Permanent MINIMAL BLEED 12 Pack fabric pens BY Crafts 4 ALLCrafts 4 All Professional Double Ended Brush/Fine Tip Sketch Art MarkersCrafts 4 All Professional Double Ended Brush/Fine Tip Sketch Art MarkersFabric Markers 12 Pack Dual Tip MINIMAL BLEED Coloring Fabric Pens by Crafts 4 AllFabric Markers 12 Pack Dual Tip MINIMAL BLEED Coloring Fabric Pens by Crafts 4 All

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  1. Just had black come off our cleaning rags all over the shower walls????? thought these were permanent???

    1. Oh dear! In my experience, the most permanent markers you’ll ever find are Sharpies 🙂

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