Popsicle Stick Art and Craft Ideas: We Gotta Stick Together


Are you looking for some really cool popsicle stick art and craft ideas to get the curative juices flowing? In this post I want to share some of my favorite craft stick sculptures with everyone. Popsicle sticks are highly versatile and easy to get ahold of, you could save them from your own ice cream indulgence to reuse, or buy clean new ones….and once you’ve got enough you can turn them into something amazing!

All it takes is enough of these sticks and one good idea. I realize the idea part may be the hardest, so that’s why I want to provide a little inspiration so you can get started.Β  But once you hit the ground running you could make dollhouse furniture, knickknacks, art, and so much more! So save those sticks if you’re an ice cream lover….and let’s dive in now!

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popsicle stick art ideas

That’s the kind of enjoyment I want you to experience too!

Hey, budding crafters, you’re gonna need some sticks to get started ! If you eat ice cream regularly and save the stick when you’re done,that’s cool, but it could take a long time to accumulate enough for one of these projects!

(Plus the sweet confections often leave stained sticks behind…😁)

Why Make Stuff From Popsicle Sticks?

And why popsicle sticks anyway? The question is why not? They are inexpensive, especially in bulk amounts, you don’t need to cut, sand, or drill into them, you can paint them if you want to (or just get the pre-colored version, better yet) If you think about it, there’s no reason at all why you couldn’t produce craft stick art projects that would rival balsa wood any day.

art projects popsicle sticks

To create artwork you don’t need to create an armature because the sticks themselves have a certain amount of stability on their own. You will need a few additional tools -some good glue for one thing, namely hot glue or waterproof solvent like e6000, some paints, or markers and that’s pretty much it.

Oh, and yes, your imagination, don’t forget that part πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are my favorite popsicle stick craft ideas to look into; some are more elaborate than others but they are all unique!.

Here’s an example of a project I did – This is a spiral decoration I did entirely out of popsicle sticks, all of which I collected. I later on washed them and painted them, and glued them together strategically to create this shape.Β  I personally dig elaborate designs like this.

spiral windspinner from popsicle sticks

Freestanding sculpture

Think you can’t make a three dimensional work of art out of craft sticks? Think again! It might take time but I bet it’d be worth it – look at this picture of what is actually an ice cream cone sculpture ; isn’t that really dope??

Upon a closeup look it appears that she (the artist below) may have broken some sticks in half for the ice cream part – can you tell?

art from popsicle sticks

Usually linear objects are easier to construct since sticks are straight (duh!) but you look at an ice cream cone in real life and it’s anything but – so it pays to explore all the possibilities πŸ™‚

Make labels for your plants

Have trouble keeping track of what you planted? Let’s get them tagged! Craft sticks are the ideal substrate for plant markers...You can write the name of the crop on them sideways, or vertically…or if it’s more your style, have the names printed out another way.

plant marker from lolly stick

Build craft stick scale models

Obviously cool things like scale replicas of houses, famous landmarks, and boats would be a great idea too; look at this model ship replica here; the sails look to be made of cloth but the base part looks impressive.

art projects craft sticks

Some ideas to get started would be to create stick versions of familiar objects, or landmarks – I saw one that resembled the Eiffel Tower earlier; you could make the base out of wood so your project has a place to stand proudly.

Make dollhouse furniture

Building a house out of these babies? Don’t stop there you’re going to want to make some furniture to go in there too. Things that are already angular, like beds, park benches, dressers – well most furniture is linear anyway – make some out of craft sticks too!

Make craft stick abstract wall art

You could arrange them in patterns, geometric or otherwise, or heck even group them together in a cluster. Don’t forget you can paint them, or color them in with markers and draw on them too! Or perhaps write inspiring or heartfelt messages on them?

I had a few left to spare, I did exactly that.. They stop me in my tracks whenever I find them, and remind me to think on the “bright side”.

popsicle stick messages

You could put a magnet on the back to stick them on the fridge just attach to each end on the back a magnet strip (there’s a kind you can cut to size easily for all your diy projects.

Or you could use these as bookmarks. Tip: Pierce the top with a pushpin and you can thread a little decorative thread through, attach a bead to it, and you’ve got a nifty little place to mark your place in your favorite novels…

Make a small painting using a single row of sticks

This one seems pretty popular. It’s so easy too – You may need to have two sticks going vertically for support. Add about six or seven craft sticks in a single row over these. When it cures up, you can paint it any way you want. I think this would make a great gift too!

Alternately, if you prefer, you don’t have to glue together your sticks for this one, you can create a puzzle instead and paint/color your design so that each piece is free and loose and makes up pieces of a puzzle.

Like this example here…

I wonder how easy or difficult it is to paint all these sticks grouped together without anything holding them down though? Never tried this, but it would be a great idea if you can rig up a way to keep the pieces still temporarily while you work on it.

Make a birdhouse for your feathered friends

And let’s not forget about your avian visitors….this is a great way to treat them to a nice little mini sanctuary of their own.Β  You could always start with a base and use the sticks to embellish it as you may need a lot of sticks to get a good size and shape, and it may be time consuming. I did this using a wooden tissue box and it worked out well. Here’s one made with that in mind (I think they used a heavy foam board for the sides and a plastic tray for the bottom)

Image credit: Image by nishakaralkar

Use Sticks to Make Seed Pops

This is a fun variation on the seed bomb craft…in this scenario you’d stick the popsicle sticks into them and label them with the type of flower seed…a great activity to do when you’ve got a multitude of different seed typesΒ  and you need to differentiate them all. You just write the name of the plant on the stick. And adorn it with a nice little finishing touch like twine, raffia, or ribbon. Also the kiddos will love doing this activity too!

TOO cute, dontcha think….? Definitely think of giving these as gifts!

Let’s Stick Together!

You can make stuff from popsicle sticks as elaborate as you want, the sky is certainly the limit, it just means you may have to plan on getting more of them – fortunately bulk sizing runs in quantities from 100 to 1000 so you’ll be well covered.

There’s a bigger size too -they kind of resemble tongue depressors in the “open up and say ahh!” variety πŸ™‚ They would give more room to write on. Of course you can combine both sizes together too!

The only “catch” is possibly running out of them in the middle of a project so it pays to “guesstimate” how many you’ll need on the generous side a little.

But once you get started you won’t want to stop.

Creative Commons Photo Attributions: Image Credits: Rasmus Lerdorf

Beatrice Bomb

Kris Kerzman

Selena N. B. H.

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12 thoughts on “Popsicle Stick Art and Craft Ideas: We Gotta Stick Together”

  1. Gosh there is so much you can do with these craft sticks. I have two boxes HUGE boxes may I add? of them! Haha. We have jumbo ones and regular size ones. The kids enjoy crafting it up with them. The other day though, my youngest was mad at his brother so he came to the dining room table, took the box of sticks out and wrote “your dum” (that’s how he wrote it out)…. guess that’s one way to use them and use your creativity when angry at your brother πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve got zillions of popsicle sticks on hand. They come in handy all the time. The latest was the kids used them to make puppets. Loving these new ideas!

  3. Tracey Crockett

    These are some really cool art designs. My boyfriend would love this. Heck, I might as well lol.

  4. Yep, the “best thing since sliced bread” analogy comes to mind here! Also if you’re anything like me and eat those “ice cream pops” semi-regularly, I’m talking about the ones with actual ice cream in them…I always save them as they wash off much cleaner. It’s the ones with the fruit juice -cherry, grape, etc., that stain so bad..in addition to the box sets of course πŸ™‚

  5. This reminds me of my childhood, but we couldn`t buy pop sickle stick but had to collect them. That was our excuse to buy more icecream πŸ™‚

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I always have popsicle sticks in stock for when my grandchildren are with me. They make good materials for art activities. They can paint them, draw on them or even glue them together. As long as it keeps their creative juices flowing, I am fine with the mess they make with them.

  7. oh! such happy happy colors! gotta love a painted popsicle stick. i like the runner idea. would also make fun summery trivets. thank you!

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