How to Repurpose Old Christmas Ornaments into Awesome Garden Art


recycled xmas ornamentGreetings and welcome back! I hope you guys had a great time as you ushered in 2024. The time came later on to take down all those wonderful Christmas decorations…(if you’re into folklore like me, you probably waited, I was taught it’s bad luck to take down your ornaments and stuff on New Year’s Day.) But I digress. Anyway, when you perused through that collection of things, dd you find yourself tasked with the ardous part of re-organizing everything, and finding that some of the ornaments were out of style of no longer found them appealing and since the holiday mood is over and you’re already going through that stuff you’re pondering what you can do with some of those old pieces of decor.

I remember one evening when John and I were first dating and we went to Kroger to pick up some things to make for dinner, and while crossing the parking lot something glossy caught my eye. It looked like a smattering of Christmas tree ornaments, they were all the same color so they must have been part of a series, or set. None of them were broken or anything so in classic Jennifer-style I started to reach over and pick them up.

They were too pretty to leave behind. How they ended up there is anybody’s guess. But I saw something on Pinterst that made me think of them, someone had taken her old ornament set and spray painted them silver and attached them to metal stakes to adorn her garden beds ad of course, it was all I can do that too.

I inherited a beautiful vintage set of Christmas tree balls that once belonged to my grandmother who passed on in 2012, and these were the real deal, metallic colors and made out of glass. But of course, they’d shatter if you weren’t careful. They were packed in styrofoam, no surprise there. Today, you rarely see ornament s made of glass for the obvious reason they could break…but some I’ve amassed in my collection weren’t made of glass, but beads, wood, foam, and a myriad of ornaments.

Have you ever seen the type of Christmas balls that are made of grosgrain ribbon, underneath the core of each ball is styrofoam. Unfortunately there’s not suited to bring outside as once it rains they’re toast. But there’s plenty of other ones you can upcycle . One set I bought once came with a very large ball that was meant to be adorned with stakes or similar – it could have almost qualified as a gazing ball and for awhile, I did attempt to use it for this but as time went by it faded in the sun, and finally got broken, how I have no idea, I don’t know what it was made of but it wasn’t glass.

Tip: Choose the shapes that are in the family of oval, round, marquis, like these here…Notice how they’re all in pretty purple, and are unique and distinctive looking?

Get some metal stakes for your garden area, or you could use these individually for potted container plants too, they will make them look equally smashing. You can use a cordless drill and pierce the bottom of each ornament I’d use a piece of tape on that spot as you rill so it won’t crack, just in case. Pierce the bottom through the stake as far as you can. If you can get a cluster of these going and use them to make your backyard garden spot even more fabulous. try to arrange each one at a different angle so it crates a highly dimensional look.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean them off and if they’ve faded or become discolored in some way you may consider spray painting them.And don’t stop there, whatever kinds of decoration pieces and accessories you have collected, could be disassembled and the parts used in things like windchime components, plant pokes (for small container plants) and other decor pieces. Regardless of whether the ornaments are made from plastic, resin, wood, well pretty much anything short of foam or fuzzy pompoms, you can turn it into something equally magical for your backyard paradise.

Like this below, and try to combine them with your own bead collection

All you’d need in addition is a few tools like wire pliers for attaching wire or threading it through.Whatever you decide to do with your collection, I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can turn those old “junk” ornament stash into something bedazzling for the garden and yard.

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