Genius Ways to Repurpose Those Tomato Cages


upcycled tomato cagesDo you have a passel of tomato cages you want to repurpose in other ways? Just because it’s off season, don’t mean you have to put up with those bulky tomato cages taking up space. Turn them into something useful, even fun!

Uses for tomato cages you may not have thought of! So when you park that out of season cage (or series of them, however many you have) instead of just stashing them in your outdoor shed or what have you, Yes, they do stack together, but have you ever wondered if they have more uses than just something to prop up your tomato plant ‘s delicate vines? Well I’m glad you asked. Today I’m going to share some great ways you can repurpose them when it’s off-season.

It Makes a Great Potted Plant Holder

One thing I’ve found is that they make a great plant holder. Yeah, I know it sounds basic, but if you’ve got a few indoor potted plants and they are the right circumference, you could stagger them together in a tiered stand. Yes there will be that one at the top that is smaller and you may be lucky to find one of your plants that will fit it and the other loops,. you may have to retrofit it slightly, but it’s a great use, and looks classy, too! You could defientley wrap some jute rope around that would change how well they’d fit too and add a touch of panache as well.

You may need to help of a few additional tools, like a dremmel and wire cutters, at least to adjust the opening so it’ll fit (I had to do this with the bottom spokes. If you use the wire tool you could partially bend back the spokes to hold one of the smaller plants.

Turn it Into a Hose Caddy

And here’s something else, it sounds really basic, too, but hear me out, as it’s a genius idea. Use it as a way to coil up and keep your garden hose tidy and concealed when the growing season is off. I found this out by accident when collecting the hoses from the yard before wintertime sets in. The length of the soaker hose is such that something like a simple wire spool would not cut the mustard, so I reached for my cage and flipped it upside down, and voila.

using tomato cage to wrap hose around

Use it For Other Plants Besides Tomatoes

Growth assistants for other plant types. Yep, don’t limit it to just your tomatoes….There are other plant types that climb too, one example was one I received as part of a bereavement gift, I have not idea what it was but it started off small and before you know it it had vines that could almost reach the ceiling. Having a climbing cage to keep it in check really helped.

Use as a Framework for Holiday Decorations

Holiday decor is another great use to not overlook. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, that cage could be the backbone for a colorful prop. And if you turn it upside down, you could practically turn it into a Christmas tree (Hey, it’s pretty close, at least shape wise!)

Love this Christmas angel, you would never know it came from such a simple object…

Use it as a Support for Decor

Depending on the weight, you could flip your cage upside down so the narrowest part is at the top and it could very well hold a decoration conversation piece like a colorful orb you’ve bedazzled, or perhaps a birdbath. You may need wire pliers, again, to cut loose the top circle and convert it into a sort of platform so it’ll stay in place. While most tomato cages are pretty sturdy, they’re not invincible either, so make sure it passes the topple test before stationing it there permanently.

So that’s five, can you think of any other uses besides these?

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