Welcome to my Resources Page!jennifer_bigger Here, I have compiled a collection of my favorite and most frequently-used products for your enlightenment and enjoyment. All of them in the first section are products used to create projects that demand the best in materials and these have stood the test of time.

Further down are products I may use more semi-regularly or were included in some of the work done for this website. After all building a website too is a creative process.

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links (read more here) which means I may receive a commission from purchases made. These links are to products I recommend the most highly so you can be sure you are getting the straight dope!

Resources and Tools


This is a great resource for tutorials and projects:

Clay-It-Now: Get clay ideas at, your clay art and craft ideas center for beginners, parents, teachers and all clay lovers with clay craft tutorials for figurines, ideas for kids crafts, personalized gift, cake toppers, home decorations, etc

One of the best repositories of information regarding all things polymer clay. You might call it “the encyclopedia” of polymer – All of the info is findable through an alphabetical listing. It contains lots of tips and tricks from forums and groups. Highly recommended if you’ve got any questions I haven’t answered here!

Blogging and Website Tools

This page wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the tools I used to create this blog. If you are thinking of setting up your own website to sell your products or become an affiliate for companies (what I do), these are some of the tools I use and couldn’t imagine working without!


Canva is another great online graphic tool as well. Every blogger I know of trusts and uses Canva for all their image and infographic needs. Includes photo editing, design templates, “Magic Resizing” to convert your image into all the right social media sizes at the click of a mouse, and group collaboration for teams. In addition to the above tools, there is also a library of royalty-free stock images at your fingertips, so you don’t need to go scouring for “stock photo sites” anymore!

All my blogger friends love Canva and recommended it to me so I pretty much went there…You can get started for free right here!


Stencil is the next big runner-up to the first two tools. It’s got lots of great features – I use the free plan and get to design up to 10 images per month. There is also a Premium plan which will unlock additional features to put to use for all your projects. Stencil is one of the best graphic tools for social engagement. Edit, design, and share with ease, even if you’ve never put anything together before.

Creative Market

Looking for ready to use graphics for all your art projects? Look no further, Creative Market is one of the best platforms on the web to find beautiful graphics to download for a wide variety of projects. Talented designers all over the world are showcasing their designs; and most of them include commercial licenses too.

Plus as an added bonus, as a member you also get access to six FREE downloadable graphics every week! It’s like a total grab bag surprise. Check it out here!

Powered by Creative Market

Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates

Easy Product Displays

I’ve been using Easy Product Displays for the past few years and have to say this is a service that lives up to its name! Although I haven’t used any other similar tools to compare, I don’t need to – I have exactly what I need; all my items and pictures line up great and look professional.

I can change things like fonts, colors, layouts, etc. on a dime, without the stress of wondering if my code got messed up somewhere.In addition to product pages, you can also build attractive looking displays with your own custom images! You can get a free trial too for 3 days, don’t let the fear of dealing with code keep you from building nice looking displays!

Pajama Affiliates Blogging Courses

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the blogging courses that have helped me to start and grow this blog with the best of them!  Their founder and co-founder, Robin and Lesley, are real rock stars in the biz with 9+ years of experience – there are so many nuances that go into a successful blog that you want to find people who are genuine like this.

If you too are thinking of starting a blog, I highly encourage you to look into the classes! They have a really good “bundle” deal for the main classes, or you can choose a la carte instead if there is one particular thing you’re in need of. They will not break the bank and you will learn so much, and avoid the unnecessary headaches that come with trying to master the skills.

Just FYI – I don’t think they are offering the Blog Evaluation service anymore…I had that done as an early birthday present to myself and would highly recommend it, but this might be off the table now – Sorry 🙁

SiteGround Hosting

And now we come to the website hosting company I have been using since 2017. Courtesy of Jeremy aka “Batman” who teaches a website setup class along with the Pajama Affiliates, that I took. I made the switch to Siteground from my previous hosting company per Jeremy’s advice and he helped me make the transition flawlessly!

Web Hosting

The main reason I switched hosting companies is because I was in need of a SSL certificate and SiteGround offers that for FREE whereas the competitor was not. Whatever you’re looking to do, there are options for launching a blog or e-commerce store, you will also get great support too!