Resources and Recommendations

Welcome to my Resources Page! Here, I have compiled a collection of my favorite and most frequently-used products for your enlightenment and enjoyment. All of them in the first section are products used to create projects that demand the best in materials and these have stood the test of time. Further down are products I may use more semi-regularly or were included in some of the work done for this website. After all building a website too is a creative process.

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission from purchases made. These links are to products I recommend the most highly so you can be sure you are getting the straight dope!

Craft and DIY Tools and Products


Quite frankly the best modeling compound out there bar none. You can get the large one-pound sizes for larger-scale projects or small micro sizes like 1 oz in multitudes of colors for small-scale projects. It’s simply amazing stuff – been using it since I discovered it in the mid to late 90s after I was having trouble with soft no-bake clay not always holding up permanently with some things I had made. All you pretty much need is some simple sculpting tools and your home oven and the sculpting world is your oyster. I’ve experimented with making everything from figurines to jewelry beads and didn’t stop there- I made gifts for people too made out of Sculpey!

You can also get Sculpey in different texture types – there is the Original which is a little stiffer, Super Sculpey which is very flexible, and Ultra Light which is great stuff at half the weight!

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The craft adhesive I have been using since the Clinton Administration lol. I was seeking a craft glue that would withstand water and humidity and here it is…the best of the best. It is solvent based which makes it strong but also disqualifies it from being non-toxic – A must have for nonporous craft projects! I would not use it with cloth, fabric, felt, things like that, as it will bleed through. Leather would be an exception here – I have used it once to repair a shoe sole that came undone and worked like a charm 🙂 You can read all about my e6000 experiences here.

Plaid Acrylic Craft Paints

There are a series of brand names, including Folk Art, DecoArt, Americana, etc., but hey all have one thing in common. You need them if you’re going to do any kind of work on small-scale projects. They are dirt cheap and come in a gazillion colors so don’t be stingy 🙂 There are also metallics, neons, glitter formulas, and even outdoor-project friendly too! You can read more about these paints here.

Other Great Tools and Products

Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS

Even though I usually take pictures from my Smartphone there’s been a few times that the quality comes up short (mainly pictures taken in the evening – natural sunlight works best) so that’s where this baby comes into play. I’ve had it for almost 10 years and first used it to take pictures for stuff I was listing on eBay way back when, There may be a newer model out now for that reason. I like how small it is so it’s very beginner friendly.

Corel Draw

I’ve been using Corel Draw and Corel Photo-Paint religiously since 2012 to create images…many of which I show here on this blog. It is a great tool for learning vector drawing illustration skills.It works very much like the Adobe Illustrator program. I own version X5 which is a little older but I think we are up to version X7 by now. I have the Suite which includes Corel Photo Paint and Corel Painter as well.

My Corel Draw review

Photoshop Elements 7.0

I use Photoshop Elements for image manipulation and touch-up purposes. It has a few less features than Photoshop series but you’ll have everything you need to transform your images into works of art, optimize them for the Web, and change various elements.


PicMonkey Photo editing made of winPicMonkey

If you’re looking for a great image editing tool for just about everything under the sun you can’t go wrong with PicMonkey. I have the middle Premium membership which lets you do more things and also store your work in the making for easy retrieval later!

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Sometimes, in all honesty, even with the software above I use this platform because it is great for small-scale images like those on my blog posts. It’s a FREE open platform place where you can work on your image manipulation skills, do touch-ups and other minor edits to your pictures, such as adding text or other flourishes. I go here to do some of my Pinterest images.

Creative Market

This marketplace is geared to finding a world of downloadable content at your fingertips. You can browse among various options for graphics and images and also if you’re a designer too, consider starting a new shop and selling your designs too!

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