How I Turned a Small Canvas Into an Earring Holder


You’re gonna love this….in this post I am sharing a project with you that involves the up-cycling of an art piece into, let’s say…functional art? Well, it’s an earring holder, to put it simply. As you know now not only are acrylics super versatile, so are canvases. Have you ever wanted to do something similar, like take an object like that and make it into something more practical, well today’s your lucky day.

All right, let’s dive in now! I’m going to give you a walk through of what I did. And remember, this idea did not come to me but out of the blue.

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earring display piece


Anyway, long story short, I don’t wear earrings much. I might wear the occasional dangles for a special event but that leaves me with all of these tons of little bitty stud earrings that I’ve practically all but abandoned.

Many of them are too cute (not to mention too expensive – some of them are semi-precious, or even precious like rubies, etc. ) Not trying to brag or anything…to just relegate to the donation bin, so one day I finally decided to come up with a use for them.

It all started with this…..A piece of artwork that started with a hot mess of beads and gems….

peace sign mixed media painting

I still have it on display on my Flickr account (do people still visit that place anymore? It seems like it’s been supplanted by the ‘Gram in terms of popularity, however I think it’s still a great platform.) Most likely some of that was spray paint. I’ll bet I was feeling “pretty groovy” that day.

But as we change, our tastes change, too. That flamboyant style is not something I do these days. But it was still fun. Anyway, I don’t know if I was looking online or what when I found the coolest idea for showing off a collection of old post earrings.

I eventually painted over it a more conservative solid color, trying to go for monochrome, however later on I felt like it was “too” monochrome, and decided to paint the background goldĀ  (most likely I used Folk Art Shimmer Metallics, Pure Gold is what I think that was) After all, jewelry is made of metals and it should reflect that…


earring holder from canvas

This is the end result I came up with….I pushed through all of the earrings (they pierced the canvas surprisingly easily) and attached the backs from the back in a pattern…

A glimpse from the back…

earring display canvas backThis is one of those canvases that has staples on the back as opposed to the sides…if you seen any like that, grab them. They’re not that common. I did have a hanger on the back (can you see tiny holes) but I must have taken them out later. I’ve got it hanging on one of those Command hooks which work very well.

I also thought I would include a couple of close-ups….As you can see I painted all that bling my signature color…

earring display piece closeup

So there you have it, a piece of artwork, once again, becomes a standaloneĀ  display piece….I don’t wear the earrings hardly.

To recap..this is a 12″ x 12″ canvas

…a mixed media piece….paint, bling, sequins and beads

…turned into a statement piece.

Just goes to show, you can turn anything into anything!


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