Small Space Garden Plans 2024


So we come to the end almost of the year and now it’s time for me to tabulate this one. In terms of my gardening journey: what went well, what didn’t go as well, and what I want to do different ly in the new year. I’m sure that all of you who are in the same boat have similar aspirations right now.

Well, to recap, what’s been going on, in my personal life and this other part…

2023 has been a lot of highs and lows.  I’ve had losses adn gains. At the very start of the year we had a tornado go through  the city, I’m thankful no damage happened thankful to teh grace of God we had no trees around. It did a lot of dmaage and took one business with ou our beloved Hobby Lobby. Bummer. As I write it’s still under construciton. It’s okay though I haven’t been buying many craft stuff, and what little I do need I can easily find at the Dollar Tree.  I lost my dear mom this past summer (July)  Such a shock. Even more so than when I lost my first huband first five years ago but it was the same month. Then John and I adopted 2 adorable puppies, adn we finally tied the knot this past October, so I have been married about 2 months now.  Yeah it’s been that kind of year.


And mour garden? Well it’s been up adn down too.


In terms of my garden plans, I want to keep at my closet plans. I’ve started tomato pepper adn luffa seeds and I’m a little behind because for one week in December I was sick with some kind of nastyl bug (no, not covid but something equlaLY debilitating….) But I’m confident that I can pull out a successful venture of it if I tend to it every day.  I’m not going to start with the seed trays yet unti; I get cloer to the spring.

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