Make This Jazzy Soda Can Wind Spinner For Your Garden or Patio


In this fun tutorial we are going to recycle some of those soda pop cans! If you love those pretty metallic looking aluminum spinners you’ve seen at garden supply stores you will love this. Here is the one I made around 2021 or so….using LaCroix water cans (I thought they were pretty looking)

All you need is a couple of cans just like those, and a few other tools, and you can have a pretty, shiny version that will dance in the breeze at a fraction of the cost. I’m going to make another one like this, so you can see how something as mundane as soda or beer cans can be transformed into a cool statement piece, and you can, too!

soda can wind spinner

For this tutorial I will be using 2 8-oz V8 cans. I washed them out real good with dish soap and rinsed as V8, being a veggie juice, leaves some residue behind, to be sure.

For this you’ll need two 8-oz soda cans

Pair of pliers

X-acto knife

Craft shears

Sturdy thick gauge wire (16-20 gauge is good)

Optional – Assorted beads

After they were washed out …you know how cans made of aluminum tend to be very crinkly when empty, since we’re going to be altering. Them there’s a hack I learned of that makes this easier. I also used this tactic in another art project and it made it a lot easier.

aluminum can windspinner

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You don’t have to do this part, as there’s another way to do it (keep reading…) Take both cans and fill them halfway with water and put them in the freezer for awhile (several hours will do) They don’t have to be frozen solid, but it needs to be less than full since it will expand as it freezes.

After this happens use your xcto knife and start at the top and carefully cut off the ringed part where the pull tab is. May be best to do this over a sink. I wore gloves because they were cold, obviously. You may get all the way around except for one half inch (as I did) in which case a pair of sharp craft scissors were useful in removing the last remaining side. I let them thaw at this point and left them in the sink to do so.

how to make a windspinner from soda cans

Measuring the Cans

Now it’s time to get the measurements for the cans. The actual circumference (measurement around) a typical 8 oz soda can is almost 8.5 “ If you mark off half-inch increments all around you’ll probably end up with about 16-17 spokes total. 

To make this part easier, get a sheet of paper and a ruler and mark off 5/8 or 1/2″ increments  Using the ruler make straight lines from top to bottom after each mark. Take this and wrap it around the can and tape it in place. You now have a template that will make it easier to cut the spokes.


measurements on cans

Use a pair of heavy duty shears to cut each spoke along the lines. Repeat this with the second can. For the first one I used tape and a sheet of paper, I had a total of 17 segments.  You will end up with a number of spokes like a wheel, or the sun. Bend them back slightly.

Next make a small hole in the center of each can end – you can use an awl for this, or a hammer and nail, I prefer my cordless drill. This is what they should look like:

cutting cans strips

If you see any uneven edges you may want to trim them before we go on to the next step of joining the segments together.  The tricky part – Take your pliers and bend the end of each spoke down a little. (picture 1) do this with each spoke. 2. Take each can and one spoke and line it up with another spoke from the other can and slide them together. they will look intersected at a right angle.

Next (3) use the pliers to bend the corner and crimp the end so they will not come loose. Repeat this with all spokes and their counterparts, lining up the spokes from one can with the other can spokes..

soda can wind spinner tutorial

This is what you;ll end up with when all the spokes from each can are correctly hinged together..Now get a length of wire with moderate thickness (about 12-18 gauge) and thread it through each hole on the can ends. I used some bling beads in the wire, so it would show in the middle, too, just for fun. 

A crimp bead can also work well for this purpose, to keep the finished design together firmly.

aluminum can wind spinners

For the end of the wire, you can use colorful decorative beads to adorn the end, string them on and twist the end over so the beads will not fall off. Or if you’re up for it, you could make another spinner like this and join them together.

I know of people who have made two – or three- like this and connected them together to create a dope wind chime for the backyard! Even better, you could use a smaller can (like those mini 4 oz ones, or the skinny ones like energy drinks come in) – so they will look even more intriguing when hanging.

Hanging Your Spinner

Take the top end and twist it so it can double as a hanger. You are all set now. Hang out in your garden or back porch patio and see how cool it looks!

pop can windspinner hanging

Wait for it to catch a breeze, but it will look good either way. Dontcha love how the sunlight dances on the metal and reflects it, even better.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you may also enjoy my other windspinner how-to’s as well! Enjoy!!

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