Turning a Tomato Cage Into A Halloween Ghost


The other day I added a tomato cage ghost to my front porch ensemble! Here’s a real goodie for you if you need a stupid-simple Halloween decoration piece that you can do in an hour or less.

Moving on, if you need a last-minute Halloween theme prop for your yard or porch, here you go! If you’ve got a few tomato cages stored away in the shed that are out of season, you’ll be in good hands. You will also need a few white pillowcases in the king size (these are longer and narrower than standard cases), a string of midget white lights and a black Sharpie pen.

OR, better yet….you could get some lights in spooky Halloween colors – orange, green, purple, that would be really cool🎃🎃.

Heck, I think this is way better than some of these humungous inflatable centerpieces…No offense to anybody who has those, I just get that impression that the big top is coming to town whenever I see them. Well, at first; now I’m used to seeing them on the block.

The visual…I’ve seen others use sheets, but I think a pillowcase looks better.

Turn your tomato cage upside down and wrap the perimeter of it with the strand of midget lights – just be sure the positive plug end will be hanging out. You may want to start from the top.

Work the pillowcase over the cage and lights….you may need to trim slits in the bottom sides since tomato cages tend to be tapered towards the bottom and the case will be a little tight at the bottom.

I used a standard sized pillowcase here, but it so happens that this is a cage that I had done some work on earlier…I’m not sure but I think I was trying to modify it to use as something else, so I bent down the spoke thingys at the top, so it’s a little bit shorter.

Draw a good ghost face on with the Sharpie marker….that’s the finishing touch if you want people to know he’s a ghost.


I think he’s adorable! Here is what he looks like plugged in. On the other side of my handmade plastic-jug skeleton. I’m using LED lights that do that color-change thing….I want to make another one like this, but it turns out my “other” cage is being used to support a houseplant (yep, they’re not just for tomatoes anymore)

Hope you have some spooky fun with this! 🎃


Updated: 02/26/2023 — 2:06 AM

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