The Benefits of a Transparent Pet Pen for Your Furry Friend

Have you seen a transparent pet pen somewhere, know someone who has (and raves) about it, and your curiosity was piqued? Designed with small pets like puppies, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters in mind, they serve a purpose of providing safety and security for your furkids. But why consider one at all? Did you come to me for convincing? I’m ok with that. I can tell you why investing in a quality pet pen is worth the dough when it comes to the friends we adore and incessantly take photos of with our phones (yep, guilty as charged…)

At the start of summer, I ended up doing the unthinkable….that’s right, I adopted 2 puppy dogs , through my boyfriend’s cousin. Yep, me, the staunch cat lady, I’m officially a cat AND dog mom. I haven’t actually owned dogs since my husband passed, but his were already grown.

Our new puppies are probably about 3 months old as I write this. I didn’t realize at first, how much overseeing they need. And a secure pen is one thing that is very essential.


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A pet pen gives your dog or cat (well, kittens, rather… full grown indoor cats need something more like a backyard run) plenty of space to frolic safely while keeping you within earshot. It allows you to leave the house or do chores without worrying that your pet will get into things they shouldn’t, such as shoes, cords, chemicals, etc.

If you have especially small animals, then keeping them in a confined area while doing heavy duty things will protect them, and give you peace of mind. Moving furniture or other things where you can’t see your feet too well creates opportunities for stumbling over the little bugger, stepping on a tail (cats are less forgiving here than dogs, ask me how I know)

Pet pens at Clearly Loved Pets are available in many shapes and sizes. Kits are available for standard sizes with extensions available to create custom shapes for your needs. They’re transparent aside from the railing, and don’t feel as bulky as others do. We wouldn’t travel with them, but for the home, there might not be anything better that’s an American store. They get a point in the safety category for their patented walkthrough, but securable door included in every kit.


A transparent pet enclosure is an excellent alternative if you want to give your furkid a clear view of the world but want to avoid investing in a costly fence. These pens are lightweight and portable, with doors and a roof that zip open and closed. Some even fold flat, making them easy to fit into a car trunk or over-the-shoulder bag for travel.

Separation anxiety is a common problem for many dogs, leading to destructive or antisocial behavior. Having a safe place for your dog to relax will keep them occupied, and a load off your mind as you won’t always have to baby-sit.


A transparent playpen allows sunlight to flow into the space, so you can see your pup in their safe, comfortable environment, which may also help calm them. And, because of their sleek design, these pens can be placed in any room without clashing with your home’s décor.

Transparent pens allow you to watch your pets as they play, taking modern pet products to the next level. They also make a great addition to any home when elevating your puppy or dog’s living experience. The ones we linked above are especially stylish – with panels as opposed to bars, your dog won’t feel like he’s sitting “in jail”.

I wish I could build something like this myself – but the acrylic material of the panels is hard to come by, and the overall concept is highly unique.

Main Benefits To You and Them

Now let’s talk training – a pen is an effective tool to help prevent accidents from happening throughout the house. We’re in the process of housebreaking, and using trays filled with pine pellets (after I saw a number of Youtubers recommending it). Prior to this, we just had one of those baby gates but there was still too much room to run around in  making it difficult for me to make the training work.

They could always run into the closet or connected bathroom and uh, you know the rest. But with the setup of a real pen, they had finite space and “got” that they had to use the tray, lest they have to trot in that soiled area.


Of course, make sure that most of their favorite toys are kept in there to keep them occupied (and secluded from “no-no” items like shoes, electric cords (and especially the ethernet cable!)

Another benefit of a transparent pet pen is that it can be used during meals, keeping your dog at a safe distance while you eat. It can be helpful if Fluffy is known to try and steal food from the table (ours aren’t bad to do this, thankfully) or they’re just too hyper to sit still at your feet. This option can be a good time saver by isolating them (in a good way) so you can have dinner in peace.

The opposite of the above is also true. Is your dog snippy to other dogs, cats, or humans around their food? Separating them in a pen could be just the solution you were looking for – sometimes we’ll put their food bowls at opposite ends of the pen, as our pups always like to have the usual “territory spats”.


Considering the amount of money we spend on pet food, toys, and beds for our dogs, we’d want to give them the best living experience possible. One way to do that is with a transparent pet pen, which helps your dog feel connected and safe.

This sturdy and affordable little playpen gets rave reviews from users. It’s easy to set up, has a door and roof that are easy to open and close, and folds flat for storage or travel. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for something portable and compact to take to the beach, RV camping, or anywhere else you might be going.


Perhaps the choice is clear after all? (I just walked right into that one…Lol) So, to recap… a pet pen like these with see-through design, are a win-win for you, and your cherished pet…Visibility, safety, appealing modern look, keeping them out of trouble and making training sessions easier with juvenile animals… and peace of mind for you, their human. 

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