Brilliant Uses for Excess Cucumbers


Did you get an excess of cucumbers this growing season? Good on you! But now you have a good problem to have, what should you do with your bumper crop? Well I’ve got some ideas. Cakes are nutritious, and can hydrate you as well as enrich.

Now on with preservation: Two things…you can’t cook them, and you also can’t freeze them. (Well..I should put an asterrisk there, as I’ve heard from a few sources that it is possible to freeze them…. I’ll find my source at a later date. I ‘m curious, and intrigued, though…

what to do with all those cucumbers

Cucumbers are 90% water, and any fruit/veggie with a higher water content never freezes well without becoming mushy in the thawout stage. So you will have to preserve them. I’ve always kept the brine left from store-bought pickles just to use as a preservative.

Any excess cukes on hand, and I slice them up and drop them in. Or I will fill up a jar with white vinegar and use that instead. They’ll “keep” like that for awhile, they might turn slightly darker, but for at least a year, they’ll still good to eat.

I’ve been making pickles…this is actually the first time I’ve done this in awhile, but it was a great way to make use of the “older” ones in the batch. As I write this, they’ve got a week to go in the fridge before they will be fully pickled.

Or…you could find some other non-culinary uses…did you know, for instance…

  • Cucumbers can freshen your breath…If you don’t have a breath mint, a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth can do the trick!
  • A cucumber slice can help stop a squeaky hinge when you don’t have WD-40.
  • Because they contain enough B-vitamins and electrolytes, a few cuke slices could help you become rehydrated enough to relieve a hangover!

Of course, you could always give some of your excess cukes to friends or neighbors…I’m sure they would enjoy that, too.if not to eat, they will love using them for their facial ritual, perhaps?

A few slices on your eyes, perfect for a facial. Make it part of your spa ritual or girls’ night or day in fun time. They’ll refresh your tired eyes in addition to whatever else you’re doing to pamper yourself and or your friends.

cucumber slices to refresh eyes

Sometimes veggies are ok to feed to your pets if you have them. Cats and dogs generally prefer meat, but a little veggie in the recipe is always a good idea. I did off some of our cuke to our dog, but she wasn’t interested. Cucumbers are safe for them in small amounts, irregardless.

Have you ended up with a few cukes that didn’t make the cut? Perhaps they were dark yellow in color (a telltale sign) and not “kosher” anymore at least for snacking. If they have gone to seed, two signs, they turn yellow and have a bitter aftertaste. But all is not lost…you can cut them open, save the seeds, dry them out ad you now have some to sow next growing season.

So, now you, what uses have you found that YOU enjoy?


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