Valentines Gifts For Gardeners…5 Sweet Ideas


valentine gifts for gardenersWell a new holiday is around the corner, do you want to know what kind of Valentines Day gifts we gardeners would like (Love) to receive?

So if you’d like to get the full scoop look no further. Just ask me. A gardener married to another gardener!

There’s always that thought in your head that plays over and over, that asks the million dollar question, “Should I get them something special and sentimental/romantic, or something they need?

As far as the latter goes, you can’t go wrong here…Check out this pair of rain boots John got me last year for the V-day occasion. Rain boots are something no gardener should be without….I’m sure you’ve heard the saying When it rains, it pours…And after a particularly heavy spell the ground is soggy for days. I need the right kind of footwear to tromp around in so I can focus on my important outside duties, dontcha know?

And let’s not forget I have backyard chickens to tend to and it gets messy out there, too.

rain boots i got for valentines day

After a year of wear they still look great, to be honest, I picked out those spring colors out of all the different colors available. They’re made of vinyl and I just hose off the mud after and they’re back to looking good as new. I do wish they fit over my shoes…but no biggie. I’m a natural 8 and these are a 9.

Like these? I’ve seen some really cute rainboots for women right here…May not be the same brand I have but pretty close.

As far as other ideas go…Are you looking for something unique besides “the usual” lineup…Well look at what I just found. Are you familiar with plantable seed paper? This is one of the most popular crafts today among gardeners…Wildflower (mostly) seeds themselves are worked into mashed paper pulp and formed into different shapes, then dried out. Later on, the recipient plants them (or drops them randomly, just for grins…) and wherever they land they will bloom. Pretty cool, huh?

These versions include floral seeds mixed into the piece of kraft paper that can be planted anywhere outside of that capacity. These are shaped like hearts and included on elegant cards just for occasion.

This is a kit containing a heart shaped paper seed as well as the pot..and soil packet. The seed mixture contains a variety of diverse wildflowers, some of which may come back each year if tended to well.

Makes a lovely gift for a daughter, friend, coworker, sister and the gift box packaging is just adorable too!

Seed Paper Heart Grow KitSeed Paper Heart Grow KitPlantable Seed Valentine CardPlantable Seed Valentine Card


Valentine -Themed Garden Decor

I’ve never seen these anywhere else—plant pokes are always a great way to show a little flair. These are one of a kind and shaped like the candies with cutesy sayings on them we’re all familiar with. Each one of these is sold individually so you could pick them a la carte or you could get the whole set, of 5 too. And they’re made out of one of my all-time favorite craft mediums – polymer clay – with copper stems. Being kind of dainty at 1″ diameter for each “candy” shape. 

Decorative Plant StakesDecorative Plant StakesDecorative Plant Stakes


Have you considered gift baskets? I know how many ready-made (or customizable) baskets are out there, but have you ever attempted to assemble your own, if you’ve got th time and creativity? If you have the basket part, that’s great, but people use objects like metal buckets which can work too, something to fill the bottom (usually shredded paper) and cellophane. Or Saran wrap which we’re more familiar with. The key is tot tailor it to gardening. The colors of nature, especially green should be used…. Now as to what you could fill it up with?

  • Individual seed packets
  • A nail brush (No gardener should be without one of these! And if s/he already has one it’s just icing on the cake.)
  •  Bath bombs in assorted botanical scents (think “earthy” or “Woodsy”) and salts (I have a recipe for doing just that)
  •  A journal book

Give the Gift of ..Live Plants?

And you know she has plenty, but what’s one more right? I have too many plants said no gardener ever. Now imagine her surprise when you present her with this snazzy box in Valentine red and right away she will think it’s chocolate (which would also be great…) but finds it’s an assortment of succulents.

This is a unique class of plants in that they don’t require a lot of water for their upkeep. I’ve kept them before and their unique color and shape combinations really add some kind of class to your environment.

Succulents in Gift BoxSucculents in Gift Box


Check with the seller if you’re in an especially cold place as she offers a special heat pack to include in transit for extra protection for these beauties. 


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