Vegetable Plant Leaves Turning Yellow


Have yellowing leaves on your veggie plants got you down? This condition is also known as chlorosis, and can also translate as a lack of chlorophyll, the chemical present in plant life that gives them their lush green-ness.

It’s very common….I find that my houseplants sometimes get the occasional yellow leaf, which I don’t trim off by the way, but a simple adjustment in water and sun intake can make a difference. My outside plants are no exception. Last year I did notice that my tomato and chili pepper plants seems to have yellowing leaves. It seemed pretty much limited to that bed, which was telling me that the soil may have needed some adjustments.

A magnesium deficiency is the main reason tomato plants get yellow leaves. Some common remedies include making a tonic of epsom salt to help give it what it needs. You do want to make sure the fertilizer you use for your plants has the right amounts of nitrogen and potassium.


Other possible reasons:

Transplant shock could be involved. I had a few bean plants to start looking yellow. I had had them in their containers that they originally come in for a few days too long , although they were getting enough sunlight and water, they needed to be planted a little sooner. When I did so, they did start to look better. It is best to transplant seedlings as soon as the last frost has passed and they have had good acclimation (hardening off) before hand.

We;ve been making some changes to the soil composition in that one bed in particular, the other beds seemed to be a little more nutrient dense. I didn’t mention that the last bed we used a couple bags of mushroom fungi laden soil which I believe gave it some real kick. Those plants did very well, I must say.

You may also have a pest problem – specifically , a sap-sucking parasite like aphids. Aphids are cluster bugs and when they inflict their damage the leaves of plants can look yellow and curled. I don’t think I’ve encountered aphids much, if you can encourage good buddies like ladybugs or use a product like neem oil it can help counterattack aphids and mites.

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